You’ve Been Washing Your Hair All Wrong

Long locks have definitely taken over social media. With Instagram sensations like @sidorovaanastasiya, @larinabeauty, and @krissyelisabeth, it’s easy to see why the true crown on one’s head is so important.

We’ve gone to the ends of the earth to find out all the secrets for the most beautiful hair and was shocked to know that it’s all in the way we wash our hair. All those secrets (and a few tips and tricks) are shared below and we can’t wait to start with them for a fuller, healthier head of hair.


  •  Don’t wash your hair too often. Maybe opt for washing your hair every second or third day instead of every day. Over-washing your hair can make it oily and even dry out your scalp due to most shampoos containing sodium sulphate, which makes shampoo foam.

Tip:  Condition the tips of your hair before you wash it to protect your tips from harmful chemicals that most shampoos contain.

  • When washing your hair, wash it in water that’s luke warm rather than scorching hot. This opens up your pores without any heat damage and it allows for the shampoo to get to all the dirt, and also helps to get to all the leftover hair product that’s stuck on your scalp.
  • Only use the equivalent of a R5 coin of shampoo, double that amount if you have long hair. Instead of rubbing the shampoo directly onto your hair, rub your hands together to create a lather for the best results. Concentrate on your scalp, especially on the crown of your head, as this is where most of the oils are formed as it contains the youngest parts of your hair.

Tip: Sleep on a clean pillow. Pillows get covered with dead skin cells, sweat and your skin’s natural oils. While you sleep, your hair absorbs all these things and can cause an odour even after you have washed your hair.

  • Be cautious! You won’t believe how much damage is caused to your hair when washing it. You can even permanently damage your roots if you wash your hair too vigorously. This can ultimately cause damage and frizz.
  • Use vertical motions to wash your hair, instead of circular motions. Circular motions can cause your hair to tangle and damage your roots. Don’t scrub your hair, instead, stroke your hair from your roots to your tips.

Tip: Don’t sleep with wet hair. This causes friction on your hair and is the main cause of split ends.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly before applying conditioner and squeeze out as much water as you can.


  • Repeat steps for shampooing.

Note: Tie your hair in a bun and continue with bath time. Don’t condition your scalp as you already have natural oils that the scalp produces. Conditioning the scalp can cause oily hair.

Rinse your hair for a good 5 min after shampooing and conditioning your hair. If you don’t rinse off all of the products, your hair can appear dull and lifeless and can even cause dandruff or a dry scalp.


  • Make your own treatment. Lemon juice is one of the best treatments for your hair. It helps for oily hair, keeps your hair clean, gives volume and also makes it shine. It also helps with dead skin cells on your scalp and makes your hair smell divine and dandruff free.


Juice of one lemon + 4 x Cups of luke warm water + Rinse while massaging the scalp

Hair Health Test

  • Pull out one strand of hair from the crown of your head. Place hair in a glass of water – if your hair floats, that means you have a healthy head of hair. If the hair sinks, it’s definitely time for a treatment or even a trim.

Drink loads of water and remember to invest in your hair, as it is the crown on your head that you never take off.

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Jessica Pieters
Jessica Pieters


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  1. I must say since I got extensions my hair is healthier because you can only wash the extensions every 5 days (i know it sounds gross) so dry shampoo is my friend
    Thanks for all these tips though especially the pillow one that freaked me out just a tad 🙈

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