Halloween Makeup Inspiration To Try

Halloween is on the way and some inspiration is needed to prepare yourself. Whether you go full character or only use the colours for day makeup, you will still look stylish! Some…

Model Interview of The Month

I had the privilege to meet with the gorgeous 15-year-old Imairre Lloyd, who is a finalist for Miss Teen Eco South Africa. She is young, beautiful and dynamic. Model interview I asked…

A Royal Affair In Mzansi

Keeping up with the Royals is no easy task, but if you’re like us and you’ve got #Royalfever, take our quiz and find out which Royal you are!

Jessica Pieters

Jessica Pieters


Jessica Pieters’s interest in magazines can be traced back to her childhood when she started collecting cutouts of all the new trends. There really isn’t one thing she likes more than the other, as her versatile personality gets her excited about anything. Marketing and advertising is her passion in life and she believes that nothing should come between you and your dreams. She’s intrigued by languages, so much so, that she learnt the French alphabet during the first half of a rugby match.

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