Our Beautiful South Africa

This is the country where we were born. It’s where…

Be Inspired

Inspiration is a hard currency for motivation and is the fuel that sets the soul on fire. Nothing is too difficult given the right amount of inspiration. So, how do we invoke…

Harnessing Happiness Hormones

The illustrious maxim that echoes that ‘everyone wants happiness, but no one wants pain, however, you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain’ truly translates into the fitness world. This is…

JOHN FRIEDA – Nourished & Revitalized

Everyday factors like sun exposure, cold air, wind, coupled with everyday heat styling and hair colouring, can all contribute to stripping your hair’s natural moisture, resulting in dryness. The John Frieda Hydrate…

3 Easy DIY Halloween Outfits
3 Easy DIY Halloween Outfits

Halloween is fast approaching, and everyone needs an outfit. You do not have to stress about it anymore, or spends lots of money because we have got you covered. These DIY outfits…

Going Next Level With PlayStation 5

 -Sony is taking the gaming world by storm by Going Next Level With PlayStation 5 When Microsoft revealed that they were making next-gen consoles Sony knew that they had to step up.…

Angelique Shehata

BLOSS Youth Editor & Manager

Angelique Shehata has a LLB law degree from the University of Pretoria and is excited about sharing the BLOSS platform with South African women who stay abroad through her international travels. Her passion for the youth inspired her to start the matric experience platform in 2015 to educate young people and guide them through their future career plans.

Jandri Coetzee

Youth Contributor

Jandri Coetzee, based in the Jakaranda City of Pretoria is as much at home on a catwalk in front of a crowd as on a horse's back in nature. A nature girl with a good shot Bling at it. You will find her at her happiest in front of people. She is in the model industry as well as the latest fashion world. She writes for Bloss Youth and looks forward to what the media industry holds for the future. She is also a Preliminary Laser Therapist and is very interested in beauty.

BLOSS is an international media platform for South African women who live all over the world in the age group, 20 – 35 years. We integrate print and technology through innovative and exciting ways to keep things fresh, modern and interactive.