Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Ladies, we all know that a sound perfect skincare routine is of utmost importance. It helps with ageing beautifully and creating a beautiful canvas for us to use our amazing makeup products on.

Skincare has many benefits for each and every lady, therefore one should start as early as possible. Outside of a daily routine, one can also introduce facials, chemical peels etc. Just remember not all skin related procedures and routines are beneficial for all skin types. Research and experimentation will be required to find that perfect fit.

Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Some of us might have intense skincare routines and others not so much. But how does one determine what your skincare routine should look?

Finding your perfect products could be quite daunting, especially with a saturated local and international market. Before we get into finding your best products, let us take a look at what our morning and evening skincare routines ideally should consist of.

Ideal Routine

1. Wash your face
2. Apply Toner
3. Apply Serum
4. Apply Eye Cream
5. Use Spot Treatment
6. Moisturize
7. Apply Retinoid
8. Apply face oil
9. Apply Sunscreen

Your Perfect Skincare Routine
Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Now as mentioned not all of us have such an intricate and focused routine. This is also ok. If you are starting out, your most important steps will be steps 1, 6 and 9. After that just ensure that you drink a lot of water. Water will help with detoxing your skin.

When taking a look at the above-mentioned list one might feel overwhelmed and question what some of these products are and what they do. This blog is, therefore, number 1 of a 4-part series. Each product will be discussed in-depth and advice will be given to which products suit which skin type the best.

Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine should be an enjoyable and relaxing part of your day.

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Your Perfect Skincare Routine

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