Your Guide To The Hottest Workout Trends For 2021

From running and climbing to stretching and meditating, here are the hottest workouts for 2021.

Your Guide To The Hottest Workout Trends For 2021Workout trends have been coming and going for many years, and 2021 is no different.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, staying fit and healthy has been at the top of people’s priority list. Many people have made the shift from working out in crowded gyms, to finding new workouts outdoors and inside their homes.

As a result, many of us went to transforming our living rooms into our own personal mini-gyms. The sale of gym equipment sky-rocketed and our news feeds was bombarded with a range of workouts that can be done from the comfort of our homes.

According to an article by Forbes, workout trends that were made popular include Yoga, HIIT-workouts, Pilates and Barre. Yoga has seen the biggest growth, probably due to the fact that people not only wanted to be physically fit and healthy but also enjoy the peace and tranquillity that Yoga provides.

Fitness gurus like Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn from the already successful Tone It Up grew even more in popularity with their quick workouts and online challenges. Jordan Syatt from Syatt Fitness is also one to mention. His fresh approach to fitness, posting workouts, calorie comparisons and other fitness tips, helped him to grow in popularity.

As we roll around to another almost full year with the Coronavirus pandemic, the face of workout trends is still changing and evolving. People are still avoiding gyms and trying to find new ways to work out and be fit.

Moving into the Spring we have a variety of workout trends for 2021 to choose from and there is something for the beginner to the hard-core trainer and from HIIT workouts to yoga.

Here is a list of all the hottest workout trends for 2021


Although this trend has been making a comeback in recent years, the popularity grew exponentially when people needed an effective, yet fun workout and the outdoor, big, open spaces element was a welcoming bonus.

To find the best hiking spot in your area, click here.

Your Guide To The Hottest Workout Trends For 2021


As stated previously, yoga has been one of the fastest-growing workouts. Benefits include strengthening, balance, flexibility, heart health and better moods.

Many gyms offer yoga classes and yoga studios have been popping up everywhere and if you still don’t want to try this trend with other people close by, there are many videos on Youtube that you can try, some of the best by Yoga With Adrienne.

Bloss Media Yoga


No, the focus here is not on resting, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This fitness trend is for cycling enthusiasts and it involves climbing the 8,848m elevation height of Mount Everest (without actually being on Mount Everest). And if this sounds like a mountain to climb – excuse the pun- you can always just join your local spinning class, online classes, or try Youtube.

Bloss Medie Spinning

Cross-fit inspired workouts

Cross Fit itself has been making waves in recent years, but many of us share a common thought; I’m just not that into it. So, many other workouts have been popping up that are similar to this popular trend, however, it is sans the extreme jumping and weights and it’s done from your comfort space.

Some of the popular workouts include BLISS and workouts by Rich Froning.

Your Guide To The Hottest Workouts Trends For 2021


This workout has a reputation for being only accessible to the fit elite and strong, but in the last year a number of amateur box clubs and gyms have been popping up, proving that boxing is not just meant for the Ali’s and the Tyson’s of this world.

What makes boxing such an exciting workout is the high intensity and the sheer pleasure of punching a bag. Boxing is a great stress-reliever and works out the full body. And best of all, you don’t even need a studio or club to participate in this trend. Air punches will be just as efficient workout as punching a bag would be.

If you want to try this trend, just click on Youtube and you will find thousands of workout videos.

Bloss Media Boxing


Never underestimate a classic. For many people, getting outdoors and running is still one of the best forms of exercise there is. For some years running has been getting a bad rep for not being quick and effective, however, many people still enjoy the peace (and challenges) that running offers.

Another bonus for running, you can do it anywhere at any time; alone or in a group and you can be sure to keep your distance from other runners. There are many running-based workouts for various levels of fitness. You go at your own pace and you don’t need a subscription or a video to guide you.

Bloss Media Running

The past two years have brought many challenges to the forefront. People have been forced into situations many have thought would never be possible, but it’s also brought many great opportunities.

The fitness industry has diversified and grown immensely in the past year and we can only expect to see more growth and changes. The variety of workouts make it easy for everyone to participate in becoming healthier.

Whatever workout trends you choose to try, or continue smashing, it is also important to mention that all workouts have the same core values: motivation and commitment. Without those two no trend will ever last.

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