Worldwide Trend: Bracelets And Watches

Bracelets and watches are worn for different reasons including symbolism, culture, fashion/trends and they are also worn in support of a cause. These accessories mean something different for every person. Bracelets and watches, a worldwide trend. Let’s take a closer look at why.

Worldwide Trend: Bracelets And Watches
Bracelets have been a worldwide trend for many years

What are they?

Bracelets: Are a circular/oval-shaped piece of chain, metal or material that people wear around their wrists.

Watches: Watches, worn around the wrist and help to keep time.

The different meanings behind wearing bracelets and watches


Many bracelets are a reminder of a special event or time period in a person’s life. Many people receive bracelets or watches as gifts from the people that they are close to. Often given as a symbol of their love and appreciation for that person.

Worldwide Trend: Bracelets And Watches
Example: Friendship bracelets. Many people make and exchange bracelets, symbolizing their friendship to each other


Different beads, colours, and shapes play a big role in many different cultures, therefore carrying a lot of significance and meaning. Many people wear bracelets/jewellery because of cultural reasons.

Worldwide Trend: Bracelets And Watches
Example: Many cultures are known for their bracelets that they make with beads


Many people wear a bracelet or watch as a fashion accessory, therefore helping to enhance their look. People often get noticed and complimented when wearing beautiful accessories.

Worldwide Trend: Bracelets And Watches
The fashion industry changes constantly, therefore, the way watches and bracelets look change often

Supporting a cause:

Many organizations use bracelets to spread awareness. When people buy these bracelets, often a portion or all of the proceeds go to that charity. By wearing or buying these bracelets, people help to make a difference and show their support for that specific cause.

Worldwide Trend: Bracelets And Watches

Bracelets and watches carry a different meaning for everyone. Each accessory truly has its own story to tell. We can see why bracelets and watches are such a worldwide trend.

Do you enjoy wearing bracelets and watches?

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