World Beard Day With Clubman

It’s World Beard Day on the 4th of September and with the help of Clubman Pinaud, we are ready to embrace our inner Viking! World Beard Day is an event specifically created to celebrate the bearded population every first Saturday of September.

Although the origin of World Beard Day has been lost to time, the admiration and honouring of beards has been common practice among Danish Vikings from 800AD. Yet, in modern times, bearded fashion has subtly slipped in and out of trends, with the moustache taking the spotlight through most of the 1900s and beards only really making a comeback at the turn of the millennium with more natural – and arguably more unkempt – styles stepping us into the 2000s.

Fortunately, we are now in 2021 and full growth beards have seen a massive comeback! Lumberjack styles are more commonly sought after, facial hair is more curated, and the youth are eager to experiment with new trends.

This re-emergence of the beard has allowed male grooming products to once again come to the fore, and for this World Beard Day, why not treat yourself with one of the most iconic and distinguished male grooming brands: Clubman.

Created by famous Parisian fragrancier Edouard Pinaud

Clubman, a leading male grooming and specifically beard care product range was created in the early 1800s by famous Parisian fragrancier Edouard Pinaud. With over 200 years of grooming experience, Clubman Pinaud has been celebrated for producing quality grooming products since its foundation in the early 19th century. Clubman strives to help men smell, look and feel their best. The iconic Clubman Pinaud packaging still graces barber’s stations and bathroom counters alike. Men have been using the products for generations, while younger users are turning to the product for trusted grooming solutions with the sense of nostalgia, proving quality never goes out of style.

Clubman believes that beard and facial hair styling is an outlet that allows you to not only show your personality but also elevate your image and allow you to make the best impression you can with everyone you meet, whether it be a new employer, an old friend or a potential significant other. They are trusted by barbers, praised for the exceptional quality of their products and grooming solutions, making it the treat you deserve this World Beard Day.


World Beard Day With Clubman

2-in-1 Beard Conditioner Clubman redefines effective skincare and beard grooming with this combination facial moisturizer and beard conditioner. Formulated with a special blend of coconut oil, soy protein and panethenol, it does double duty, conditioning and soothing irritated skin while leaving the beard soft and frizz-free.


World Beard Day With Clubman

Clubman’s Beard Oil is the perfect moisture balance for your face and beard. It’s a special blend of three natural oils to condition and shine your beard and to soothe and calm the skin beneath.


World Beard Day With Clubman

Clubman redefine’s effective beard grooming with Beard Balm. Our unique blend of natural Beeswax, soy protein and coconut oil makes facial hair more manageable, with superior control and shine. For best results, use with Clubman® Beard 2-in-1 Conditioner to hydrate and soothe skin.


World Beard Day With Clubman

Clubman Beard 3 Piece Kit (1pcs each of Beard Conditioner, Balm & Oil)

Soften, nourish, tame

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Clubman products can be purchased at Dis-Chem pharmacies as well as on

Website: |  Facebook: Clubman South Africa  | Instagram: @clubmanpinaud

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