Women To Watch In 2021

During trying times like these, the world needs powerful women to lead. Brava magazine has compiled a list of women to watch over the next few years, and the prediction is that these women will make a fundamental difference in our society (even more than they are now). From saving the environment to bettering education, here are our top picks for women to watch in 2021:

Luz del Carmen Arroyo Calderon

Luz del Carmen moved to Milwuakee from Mexico when she was just 12 years old. She struggled with school but always knew that she wanted to be a teacher one day. However, since she was an undocumented citizen, she was unable to attend university to complete her studies. She spent two years as a waitress before the government finally began accepting DACA applications. Completed her studies and started working as a teacher. She wanted immigrant children to know that if she could do it, so can they. Today, she manages the RISE Student Success Centre providing resources to students. She shares:

“We need to do a better job reaching out to students and letting them know we’re here. I’ve seen so many students get here and then have to step out and take a break. But if they have someone who can hold them accountable or provide other resources to help them navigate school, there’s more of a chance that they’ll complete their degree.”

Sasha Stone

Sasha stone is on a mission to make environmental equity something of the past. Environmental equity is the idea that environmental issues affect indigenous communities most with little responsibility taken by the West. She is on a journey towards sustainability:

I always had a love and appreciation of nature, paired with knowing how privileged I was. I saw how large companies could exploit communities with less resources, and I knew it wasn’t right.

Stone has launched an online store call Green Life Trading Co. that sells sustainable products. She also runs the Zero Waste Madison Facebook group, a community of people that share how to be more sustainable in your own home. Stone’s store even offers three-ply bamboo toilet paper:

One of my favourite topics is educating my customers about toilet paper, and how what you wipe your butt with directly affects climate change.

Kristie Goforth

Kistie Goforth’s surname is well suited. This young woman grew up in poverty and broke out of it. Now, she’s giving back to the community. Goforth’s passion lies with transportation and helping struggling communities improve their transportation situation through cycling. She is the executive director of Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison, an organisation that provides bikes to those in need in Dane County.  Goforth aims to give away 2,021 in 2021 and 3,000 by 2023. She shares:

When I make up my mind to do something, I’ll work as hard as I need to, to be successful, because I don’t see failure as an option.

Which of these 3 is your favourite woman to watch? It’s hard to choose. Let’s keep an eye on all of them.

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Stanzi Malan

Social Editor

Stanzi Malan is a young actress, presenter and writer who is passionate about the performing arts. After completing her Honors degree in Dramatic Arts at the University of Pretoria in 2020, she went on to work in the film and entertainment industry. When she’s not on stage or on set, she’s creating videos for her Youtube channel or creating content for her Instagram page. She loves being both in front of and behind the camera. She has many exciting projects coming soon, such as presenting an episode of Skole Top 10 on KyknetNou and many more!

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