Women In Film: Behind the Scenes of New South African Film

There is a movement called “Women in Film” that started in Los Angeles and spread worldwide to promote women working on film sets, behind the scenes and as a part of the crew. A few interesting statistics show how little women are given the opportunity to work on Film sets.

The following percentages indicate how many women worked as part of the crew or in the production office on films in 2018 globally:

Producers (26%), Editors (21%), Writers (16%), Directors (8%) and the list goes on.

It is clear that there is a lack of women working behind the scenes on film sets. Nonetheless, the odds were in women’s favor on the set of Heks, a feature film produced by Mari Molefe van Heerden, Coco Lloyd, Reine Swart and Andre Velts.

Internationally, women came together and filmed this feature solely at Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel in Centurion with a predominantly South African cast and crew. Coco is a British Producer and actor living in Los Angeles and portrayed the lead in this film. Mari is an actor best known for Binnelanders, Villa Rosa, as well as Elke Skewe Pot, for producing and acting in this film. Reine is a South African actor and produced and directed this feature film. She is best known for Die Pro and Siembamba. Andre is well known for his Box Office hits such as Knysna and Jou Romeo.

In the photos, you will see familiar faces that worked on this film which include Christel van den Bergh (Getroud met Rugby), Stephanie Sandows (Scandal) and Mary Anne Barlow (Egoli, Black Sails), who elevated the quality of the film with their experience. The film had phenomenal women on set and in the production office, from Andea de Jager (at Film Factory), Liza du Plessis, Ingrid Pistorius, Carolize Herbst to Roshila Jarosz.

The photos also depict the excellent makeup department led by Lieschen Koch, who molded casts on actor’s faces and painted incredible faces with her team. This film had female writers, female producers, and a female director, therefore flipping the odds in favor of women and empowering women working in film. Women surely make a film set more fun.

Promoting women working in film is one of the producers’ goals; the team that brought everyone together to produce this feature mainly led by women. Some of these women have worked on big productions and for others, it was their first film set. It was very important for the producers to empower women and give them opportunities to grow in the film industry.

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The women working behind the scenes on this International film filming in South Africa include: Mari Molefe van Heerden (Producer & Actor), Coco Lloyd (Producer & Actor), Reine Swart (Director, Producer & Writer), Katherine Labuschagne (Writer), Andea de Jager (Head of Accounts), Carolize Herbst (Script Supervisor), Roshila Jaroszc (Costume head of department), Lieschen Koch (Head Makeup Artist), Carmin Olwage (Makeup Artist), Isel Swart (Main Painter of props), Gerti Erasmus (Painter of props), Liza du Plessis (2nd AD), Ingrid Pistorius (Wardrobe Assistant), Phemelo Note (Props Assist) and the list continues.

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