Why Pimple Patches Makes Perfect

We all know the frustrating feeling the day before an important date when a pimple pops up out of nowhere. Usually, it has the perfect timing before an event where photos will be taken or you have to make an important appearance. We have all been there. Quite recently a solution has been given. No more layers of concealer and foundation, no more waiting and hoping for it to get smaller or go away. Ever heard of pimple patches? Well, you’re gonna want to remember this, it’s a great investment for your skin and a great time saver. 

How does it work? 

It looks like a round transparent stickermade from hydrocolloid dressingSome patches have microneedles to ensure that the patch works to its full potential and the active ingredients reach the pimpleThe microneedles aren’t even painful, it only pricks the pimple. The pimple patch removes the moisture, oil and waste build-up inside the pore without dehydrating the surrounding skin. It also covers up the pimple and prevents busy hands picking at the inflamed area or spreading it. This is ideal to treat spot breakouts and is safe for anyone who has sensitive skin or mild breakouts. 

Unfortunately, the patches only work for certain types of acne, like whiteheads, cystic lesions and pustules. The patches work the best when there is an open pore from which it pull out excessive waste product. It’s ideal to leave the patch on for at least eight hours or put it on before you go to sleep.  

Why you should try it 

Alternatively, you can use benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur-based products, but the patches are safer for the surrounding skin and can be used on most skin types. Not to mention how economical the patches are compared to other treatments. It is the fastest way to heal small wounds and prevent pimples from spreading.

One important factor to be considered is that the patches don’t dry out the pimple, most of the time facial products dry out the skin (with the purpose to dry out the pimples), which causes the skin to produce excessive oil to restore the moisture lost, only to have the pimple cycle repeated. They not only extract the waste products but also keep the active ingredients on the irritated area. 

Pimple patches can be found at Dischem for only R24.95

Next time when a pesky pimple shows up, own the situation and patch that pimple upThis is definitely an essential to add to your skincare list. 

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Elizma de Beer
Elizma de Beer

BLOSS Youth Beauty Editor

Elizma de Beer is currently studying Cosmetology at Potchefstroom academy. Her hobbies and interests range from image consulting, fashion as well as graphic design. She believes that image consulting makeovers with the correct make-up, hairstyles and introduction to the latest fashion trends can make anyone look amazing and also help them feel confident about themselves. Next year she wants to study journalism and pursue her dreams to work in the beauty/fashion industry. She also wants to inspire and collaborate with people who share the same passion as her.

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