Where There Is Scent There Is…Happiness!

Perfume is the key to our memories. It exudes confidence and sensuality. It’s sexy, innocent and playfull but also dark and misterious. You can almost think of it as a “time machine”. It creates new stories but also transports you to a time and place where you can experience something magical that will last forever.

Like the smell of a newborn baby! Moms you know what I’m talking about – you can never forget that baby scent, and the best part is that it’s all natural, the purest sense of smell. Perfume might be invisible but it’s the ultimate accessory to any outfit.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went out for dinner with friends to celebrate my 35th Birthday. As usual, being a mother of 3 young kids, I was running around trying to get everyone ready and completely forgot to spray on some perfume. Needless to say, I felt NAKED!!

“Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of woman, the finishing touch on a dress”  – Christian Dior

Like most woman I love to collect perfume and whenever my moods change (and I might not admit this to my husband) my perfumes change. When I feel feminine and floral, I love something fresh and pink. When I’m in my jeans and T-shirt I opt for something more sporty and sexy and when it’s a date night or a special evening out and I’m in heels, I love something BOLD. Something that makes a statement.

Perfume should complement you, not be overbearing. No one should smell you from a mile away, but they should remember your scent long after you’ve left the room. Each person has a signature scent. While a certain perfume might smell amazing on your best friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will have the same effect on you.

To better understand a perfume and to choose the right one for you, you require the knowledge of how a perfume is made and what ingredients go into a scent to create that signature smell. Here are some interesting facts;

Perfumes are made up of notes;

Top Notes: – These are your first impression notes. They are short and sweet. It’s the first scent of a perfume that attracts you, but it only last for a short period.

Heart Notes: – These are the “heart” of the fragrance, they deepen the senses and last longer. They appear after the Top Notes fade and remain evident for the full life of the fragrance.

Base Notes: – They boost the lighter notes. This is the foundation of the perfume and together with the “heart” notes the Base notes create the fragrance’s scent and once these notes sink into the skin they last for 6 hours and more.

Different Note Families

Top Note Family

  • Fresh notes are light and citrusy like orange and bergamot.
  • Floral notes add the natural feel to a fragrance such as Jasmine and ylang ylang.
  • Fruit notes blend easily with the other notes and add more depth to create more of a musky scent.

Heart and Base Note Family

  • Spice notes add warmth and mix well with floral notes. These are like cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Wood notes such as Sandalwood and patchouli are often used to strengthen the base of the fragrance and are more earthy, whereas cedarwood and oud are for sweeter scents.
  • Musk notes are found in the base notes  and increase the duration of the scent. Different types of musk from black musk to cashmere add a very unique trait to most fragrances.

Just like these notes create the perfume and each one is unique, so are YOU and your body chemistry can have a major effect on a fragrance. Perfume molecules react differently on each person. The next time you choose a scent to compliment your wardrobe consider asking a perfume expert at your nearest retailer for a little more input on what would suit you best. Luckily most perfumes today have a combination of these notes and the more expensive brand names have created fragrances that can be combined. You can experiment with different perfumes as they compliment each other.

There are thousands of perfumes to choose from and you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your personality no matter the mood or the budget.

My Favourite Perfumes for any day or night


Nelichea Richardson

Beauty Mentor

Nelichéa Richardson joins the BLOSS family as the Beauty Editor for 2020. Mother of 3 and businesswoman, she is excited to explore a new venture and share her knowledge. The Beauty Industry is an inviting, inspiring place, full of empowering women and evolving ideas. With her passion, personality and creativity, Nelichéa hopes to inspire others to become the best possible version of themselves. From a very young age she has been an avid collector of popular fashion and beauty magazines such as Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire and InStyle to name but a few. In 2018 she was chosen from thousands of entries to represent the SARIE Voorbladgesig as one of the Top 10 Finalists. Through obtaining knowledge from reading extensively and sourcing the best possible products on the market she is determined to educate readers in identifying issues and guiding them toward the proper solutions.

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