What To Wear This Christmas Season

It is the most wonderful time of the year… After a year full of uncertainty with lockdown and the daunting Covid 19 virus, you need to treat yourself this festive season! Whether it is with a fancy family gathering at home, homemade Christmas pie, or that favourite pair of earrings, YOU DESERVE IT! What To Wear This Christmas Season

Spoil yourself with a new outfit or use this guide to transform your already owned clothes into a whole new style. Dressing for Christmas eve or the 25th can be tricky. First evaluate how you will spend the day, casual with a braai, dining out, or maybe with adventure, and then plan according to that. What To Wear This Christmas Season

Did someone say cocktails?

Invited to a more formal occasion with family, a sit-down dinner, or a proper Christmas eve party, one cannot go wrong with a cocktail dress. There are a few go-to styles and colours that you can’t miss. Black always looks sophisticated especially when adding some gold ear loops and a chain necklace for a Christmas-like spirit. For the best-fitted look on your unique body, read our Body shapes and styles article. Feeling more festive, go for a full-on sparkle dress, with wedges or heels and hair done up to bring focus to the face. Everyone deserves a bit of sparkle during this season.

A good old braai

Getting together this holiday around the campfire, sharing stories with some good South African cuisines cannot get better! Dress more casually with a maxi dress, sneakers, and your favourite jewellery. Or go for the classic jean and a silk blouse with wedges, adding to that Christmas spirit. You will look stylish and feel super comfortable.

Stay in

Want to take things easy this Christmas with friends and family, go for a staycation. Do your own thing with the people closest to you, whether it is a hike, movie night, or star gazing. For your staycation outfit, we want to do the bare minimum, looking and feeling good. Grab some classic black tights, that goes with everything, an oversized t-shirt, and hoodie for later the night, with comfy tekkies. You can always add a bit of extra for
instance a chain necklace, winged liner, or braided hair. Be comfortable and be you.

Remember to take things easy this festive season on yourself, appreciating the small things in life.  Stay stylish and stay safe.

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Tana Van Heerden

Fashion Editor

Tana is a goal-driven and energetic young woman who is always seeking for new adventures in work and life. She is currently a 3 rd year student studying Consumer Science, clothing and retail management at the University of Pretoria. Tana introduced the fashion and makeup section at UP newspaper, PDBY, and that is where she developed a passion for articles. She is the social media manager for MUSE, therethrough she saw an opportunity to start her online store, ROPAS_SA. In her free time, she does makeup tutorials on Instagram, follow and write about the latest fashion trends and enjoy the occasional glass of wine with family and friends. Tana believes that you should always empower and inspire the people around you, and what better way than through beauty, seen from the inside as well as outside.

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