What IS A Z-Card?


A Z-card is a representation of a model. All models require a Z-card and it is extremely important since models use it to get booked for work.

You should always take it along to castings since it contains photographs of you as well as your body measurements. However, now during the pandemic, castings became much more virtual and you are now able to send video clips instead of always attending a casting.

What IS A Z Card?

Update your portfolio

Models should make sure that their portfolios are up to date and that it contains recent photographs. This information can also be found on your agency’s website and it is easy to access.

It is literally like your CV.

Models get booked based on their portfolios. Therefore you need an exceptionally good photographer to capture you.

However, your agency will suggest photographers for you as well as the type of clothing to wear that will showcase your best features. In the modelling industry, it is difficult to get booked for a job without a z-card and portfolio.

They want to see your representation, the work you have done and different styles of you. They like diversity!

What is on the Z-card?

Well, the model’s measurements, contact information and recent photographs. This information should be easily found on your z-card in order for clients to book you for work. It is normally the size of an A5 card.

What IS A Z Card?

Now you are probably wondering how models get booked for a job. Well, your agency sends out your z card to clients or the clients contact the agency.

The front cover of the z card contains a snapshot of the model- It should be your best photograph. Therefore this really should be like love at first sight.

Like I have mentioned, your z card is your “model CV”. Clients are able to see what work you have completed and your versatility.

They want to see that you can pull off different poses and looks! You want to impress clients. You cannot apply for a job without a CV just like your z card. The same goes for the modelling industry.

Models can easily hand out their cards at meetings and castings. Clients always refer back to this information.

What are model polaroids?

These are pure, unedited camera photographs, used by your agency and some clients prefer to see you all natural!

What IS A Z Card?


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