What Does “Luxury” Mean to You?

As the owner of my own luxury brand, and with many years of experience in various luxury industries, I have a meticulous eye for detail.  When I got appointed as the Luxury Brands & Events Editor, I really started to dig a bit deeper into my knowledge of the luxury industry and a lot of interesting questions emerged from my “oh so creative” and very visual, mind.

My business, The Luxe Box, focuses on finding that perfect luxury item to make up beautiful bespoke gift boxes for any event or occasion.  But with that said, I was faced with the question of “what exactly is considered a luxury brand?”, and so the research started.

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I did a bit of a mini survey to find out what people consider an item to be “luxury”.  What was interesting to me was how everyone’s opinions and views differ, but yet it all goes back to the same things.

According to my research, the word luxury to people means quality.  Some people even said that they only think of luxury as a certain brand or label.  Others explained that luxury differs from person to person and that what is luxury to one person, is not considered luxury to the next person.  Then there are the people that say luxury comes with a price tag, and others say it’s about the way it looks and feels.


Luxury to me is not defined by a price tag or a label. What I consider as luxury, is the entire EXPERIENCE.  If you buy a Louis Vuitton handbag from their store in Sandton City Diamond Walk, how are you treated from the time you walk in, to the time of closing the sale.  When you shop for that same handbag online, how is it packaged, did they present it with a personalised card, did they make you feel special?  You can buy a handbag without the name or label and be treated differently and have a luxury experience.


Of course, there are certain factors that play a part such as packaging, price point and quality.  That certainly is a big part of claiming the title “luxury brand”. But to me personally, talking from experience, if you don’t provide me with that emotional connection, that feeling of exclusivity, that feeling of joy and luxury when holding that item in my hand, that personal touch, that attention to detail, then I don’t consider the item or brand to be luxurious.

You won’t consider something in a plastic bottle with just a sticker pasted on it, selling for R500, as a luxury product, would you?  But that take same product, put it in a glass bottle with a proper designed and beautifully printed label on it, package it in a beautifully designed box, wrap it in a satin ribbon and write a personalised note with it and send it off with a bunch of crisp white roses, and sell it for R1000. Now THAT is luxury because it is all about the complete package.

You are selling an experience, not a product.  And that is what I look for in every single one of my suppliers for my gift boxes, and also what I look for in a product when I shop for myself.

Image by Micah Gianneli and Jesse Maricic

We do not need a dictionary or a famous celebrity or designer brand to tell us what the meaning of luxury is.  It is up to each one of us to decide for ourselves what we look for in a product or item.  And decide what it is that is more important to you.  There is no right or wrong definition of luxury.  We are all our own person and have the right to choose for our self, do I buy this just because all the celebrities have it and it’s supposed to be an exclusive brand because of its price tag, or do I buy this because of the way it makes me FEEL.


You are welcome to leave me your thoughts and comments about this topic in the comment section.

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Elsebe Koorsen
Elsebe Koorsen

Luxury Brands and Events Editor

Growing up in a small town, Elsebe Koorsen has always known that she was meant for bigger things. Her passion for Designer Brands started at a very young age, and she started working at the age of 16. Brands like Chanel, Dior, Bentley, Breitling, Rolex and Hermes, are only a few that she draws inspiration from. Today she is a Luxury Brands expert, make-up artist, stylist, and also has her very own Luxury Brand, “The Luxe Box”. She has also recently decided to further her studies. Elsebe loves everything that is “special”, and ‘n has a meticulous eye for unique brands, people and products.

  1. Luxury for me is definitely something that is beautiful high quality and that comes with that extra little bit of an x factor

  2. This is such an interesting article. I have never really considered what is luxury and what might not be. I’ve learnt a lot from this blog.

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