What Do Millennials Look For In A Car?

Most consumer products are being targeted towards millennials these days (like me). We are the ones spending our money on the newest trends and latest technology. One thing though – we want the most at the best price possible, and this is sometimes a struggle for manufactures.

This is also true for automakers who contently have to adapt to ever-changing buyer trends and at the moment many car manufacturers are making cars that millennials want to drive. A very popular segment under young buyers – crossover vehicles

These are a few things (I think) millennials are looking for in a new car.


Let’s be honest, you want your car to look good and you want to look good in it! When you’re driving it through a street that’s bustling with people, you low-key want to show it off, right?

These are some good-looking crossovers:

Kia Seltos 1.4T-GDI GT Line | R460 995

What Do Millennials Look For In A Car?

Volkswagen T-Cross 1.5 TSI R-Line

What Do Millennials Look For In A Car?

Suzuki Ignis 1.2 GLX Auto

What Do Millennials Look For In A Car?


For me, a must-have in all new cars is an infotainment system. Smartphone integration in cars has become a huge selling point.

Features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is not only a comfort feature, but can also be seen as a safety feature because it limits the need for the driver to look on their phone while driving.

What Do Millennials Look For In A Car?
(Photo by Cornel van Heerden) www.cornelvanheerden.com


I love having the option to make something my own – and automakers have picked up on this trend. Being able to add special features to your car in order to make it stand out or reflect your personality is awesome!

Whether it is the wheels on your car, a two-tone paint job, different coloured side mirrors or a roof rack.

Suzuki does a really good job with this – for example, you have 44 accessories to choose from when you buy a new Suzuki Ignis!

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Martin Gouws
Martin Gouws

Car Editor

Martin is a TV production person and has been working in the Afrikaans TV industry for 5 years on a number of different productions. He also has a love for cars and has recently started doing his own video car reviews under the name HeyGouwsie! He has a natural creative streak and an eye for details which makes for a great combination.

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