Wedding Industry Terminology

Just like any other industry, the Wedding Industry has it’s own language and terminology.

For example, what is the difference between semi formal and formal or what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

Wedding Industry Terminology

When not working in the Events Industry some couples can have a misconception regarding a wedding planner and an on the day wedding coordinator.

This misconception can have a huge impact on the planning and execution of your wedding day.

Wedding Industry Terminology

An on the day wedding Coordinator:

An on the day wedding coordinator is someone that will assist you with all the execution of previous planned templates, floorplans, timelines etc on the day of the wedding.

A coordinator makes sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding. This includes communication between themselves and the couple, all service providers such as the DJ, venue manager, photographer, videographer, MC etc.

Wedding Industry Terminology

The coordinator usually takes the timeline, floorplan, dietary requirements, seating chart, photographers shot list etc which is then provided by them by the couple or their wedding planner and follows that instructions on the day.

A coordinator usually speaks to the couple or wedding planner a month before the wedding to discuss all of these elements to make sure they understand the flow and timeline before executing it on the day.

A scenario: Makes sure the correct song is played and the DJ is cued, makes sure the photographer takes the correct photos when needed, the food comes out at the preferred time etc.

Wedding Industry Terminology

A wedding planner:

A wedding planner spends so much more time with the couple because they are there from start to finish through the whole planning process.

They are helpful when you need assistance with the design of the wedding, sourcing and recommending vendors, creating timelines and floorplans, be your go to when you have questions, they communicate with all service providers, manage your budget for you etc.

Wedding Industry Terminology

Some wedding planners also offers an on the day coordination service, which will be so sufficient because they know everything regards to the wedding.

There is so many options to choose from and all these different options come at different costs.

When choosing an on the day coordinator, a wedding planner or wedding planning with on the day coordination make sure you understand what that includes and excludes from the chosen service provider.

Wedding Industry Terminology

Also make sure that the chosen option fits your budget and needs for your wedding day.

Wedding planning can be so intense, confusing, time consuming and it takes a lot of planning.

Having someone there as your go to person during the planning and execution is a great investment!

Your wedding day should be a fun filled experience, so choose wisely.

Amere Prinsloo

Wedding Editor

Floristry, weddings and family are the 21-year-old Ameré Prinsloo's key to her happiness. Originally from the Free State, she is now an Events Management graduate from The Aleit Academy. With many experiences in every aspect of the industry, she has bigger dreams for her future. She describes herself as creative, loving and the one who does not miss a braai opportunity.

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