We Have the Solution to Your Workout Problems!

Ever been in a situation where it’s the beginning of a new season, you are feeling energized and have put a plan in place to achieve a fitness health goal? But before you know it, a lazy spell gets sprung on you, by heavens know who and you find taking the first step and remaining consistent a mammoth of a task.

Excuses start manifesting, you start hearing yourself say “Work is so hectic, there is so much school work to get through, I don’t know which exercises to do when I get to the gym, I’ll go tomorrow, I don’t see results” …and, and, and. Excuses take over and before you know it your health, wellness and fitness have taken a back seat in your life.

Have you been thinking what can I do to help me remain consistent in working towards improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? How do I keep myself excited and interested in my workouts? What methods can I use to hold myself accountable and avoid giving up like I did the last three times? How do I get some benefits of a personal trainer without having to pay for one?

Maybe a workout partner is what you have been searching for!

Whether you’re a newbie fitness lover or a seasoned gym goer, the benefits of a workout buddy are worth exploring.

Here are 9 reasons why a workout buddy is a great idea!

1. It’s harder to cancel a workout session.

2. There is someone holding you accountable and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

3. You motivate and encourage each other to keep going and make healthier choices

4. Healthy competition makes you perform better

5. Working out becomes more fun

6. Helps you keep your technique in check

7. Brings variety to your workouts.

8. Makes your workouts safer, because you have a friend spotting you.

9. There’s someone to appreciate your new gym gear (I mean they cost an arm and a leg )

Pop Up Gym

Hopefully, this option can help you maintain the commitment and encourage adoption of new healthy habits with support. I personally tried this method and never looked back. I found like minded work out girlfriends at the gym and two years later we are the “FIT MAMA’s,” still spotting and supporting each other, having fun, and adopting healthy ways of living. Try it out and let us know how it has worked for you.

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Mpho Ntontela
Mpho Ntontela

Health Editor

Mpho Ntontela is a mom, wife and career woman. As a senior project manager at one of the leading financial institutions, a model, motivational speaker and an aspiring businesswoman. She has grown an interest in fitness and health and strongly believes it starts with taking care of oneself before inspiring and influencing others. Her hobbies include spending quality outdoor time with her family, exercising and being in front of the camera.

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