We Fall and Rise… Embrace Ever-Changing Seasons!

My daughter fell and broke her leg. It was even more devastating because it happened when she arrived at her well-prepared audition. She had a plan and the excitement was high. In trying to comfort her we ended up on the details of how she fell and broke her leg, and she explained, “Mommy, the fall wasn’t going to break me, it was fighting to stay up when I was falling that broke my leg.” I asked her why she tried to the point of breaking her leg to stay up? She said, “Because I had prepared myself for this day and a lot of people were around, mommy, the pressure got to me.”

I reflected on our conversation and realised that this is exactly how things work even in our everyday races. We’ve got things planned and we can even see the picture! We prepare accordingly and life seems in tune and exciting for a bit. We get all our calculations straight, the future looks like a house with a white picket fence and everyone making it as a planned superstar.

Thing is, there are different times to instill different things in life, and even though we have so many plans in our hearts, at the end of the day it’s like everything falls in a preset plan that already exists for each of our lives. It’s very hard to say we’ve got answers, hence sometimes its best to leave it at…

“Everything happens for a reason “

“Challenges are gifts that Force us to search for a new Centre of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand!” – Oprah Winfrey.

We’re going to fall at some point, that’s for sure, don’t fight to stay up! It’s difficult, but most of the time the best choice is to hit the ground, it’s an opportunity to find your feet and strength anew. Realize that it’s when you’re fighting fate, and sometimes you end up pulling everything you’re trying to hold onto down with you and end up breaking trust, hearts and valuable relationships you were hoping to keep. You have to make an extended effort to forget people’s take on your season. Refuse to be under pressure and keep a little faith. Falling season is followed by elevation season.

“Mohale o tsoha maroleng”

This is a Sotho phrase meaning, “True Heroes arise from the dust!”

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Portia Radebe
Portia Radebe

Real Life Editor

Portia Radebe is an inspirational Image Consultant and Life Coach, an entrepreneur qualified as an Event Planner and she has expertise in protocol etiquette. She is a creative, hardworking and passionate woman, with a conviction of excellence in her area of expertise. Portia is the former face of Nestle Pure Life, Torga Optical, Absa South Africa Johnson&Johnson, as well as a Mrs SA 2017 Top 10 Finalist. She pioneers various initiatives of her own including charity work, assisting youth with building self-esteem and girls self-pride. She’s a wife, Pastor and a mother of four girls.

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