We Don’t Have Time!

A sick planet, oblivious occupants!

The doomsday clock countdown seems like something out of a Sci-Fi series, but unfortunately, the climate crisis meltdown is real and happening in real-time.

It’s one oceanic oil spill after another, garbage lined neighbourhood streets, lakes and streams filling with sewage. Then there’s industrial smog and landfills of our consumerism constantly piling up by the day.

Are we aware of the effects the polar ice caps rising temperature, due to air-pollution eating away at the ozone layer surrounding the globe, or just hoping it will eventually fix itself by some miracle?!

16th of September is commemorated as ‘World Ozone Day’. A day recognizing the progress of our attempt to preserve the life-sustaining Ozone layer, that seems to cause the illusion that all is well.

I know it isn’t often talked about in the fashion world and a sore spot many brands seem to avoid like the plague is making efforts to lessen their carbon footprint.

It begs the question of how much effort as earth’s occupants; are we making towards our role in preserving our precious environment? Does it make a difference, and can we save ourselves from the irrevocable consequences of unchecked pollution?

Perhaps realistically, we’ve been convinced for so long, by the sugar coating of capitalism, that encourages consumerism over environmentalism.

Have we quietly accepted the frightening thought; of how many human earthly occupants, still believe the crisis at hand is an elaborate hoax.

The evidence is in the current drastic weather events that are glaringly obvious. It still doesn’t feel like we are in enough of a panic state as we should be, and this won’t end well.

Can we really fix it?

Holding corporations accountable, and getting to see their efforts to more environmentally conscious production of goods.

If green consumerism can become ingrained in not only economic systems, but also as individuals, it can go a long way in trying to save what we can of our beautiful planet.

Anything from using more natural products, and finding ways to implement stricter laws that uphold the recycling of goods more effectively.

I do strongly feel, that as you are here, and taking part in this life thing, that one cannot go on without making a more concerted effort, at living more consciously of how we consume things on a daily.

It’s possible the hope within this particular budding environmentalist, though fleeting at times, that we won’t all catch a proper wake-up when it’s too late to fix.

Collectively, humanity must seriously become better model citizens of earth, in so many aspects, in order for future generations to have a decent place to live.

Every effort counts, whether we get to see the positive effects in our lifetime or not. With all that said, please don’t be a litterbug, it’s so 1989.

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Lerato Moloi

Modelling Editor

Lerato Mpho Moloi is a South African model. Her career spans from featuring in magazine editorials for Elle, Cosmopolitan, True Love, Destiny, and Marie-Claire, to strutting her stuff on the catwalk for top South African designers like Clive Rundle and Machere. She has continued to be featured in Fashion Weeks since 1999. She’s also featured in leading roles on television commercials for brands such as, Cell C, Dettol, Jet, Vodacom, Nedbank, to name a few. Lerato has enjoyed the benefits of modeling by travelling to countries like Australia, China, US, UK, Russia, Cameroon, Ethiopia, The Comoros, and India

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