Watch This: Unrealistic Toxic Beauty Standards

When was the last time you saw a Barbie doll in the isles of a store, or when last have you seen a picture of the doll in a magazine or online? Many would say that Barbie is dead. She’s no longer relevant. She’s just a doll and the hype has passed. Youtuber,
Ibrahim Kamit, disagrees with this. He claims that Barbie is bigger than ever, and so do we.

Toxic Beauty Standards

Simply open your Instagram page and we guarantee that in a matter of seconds you’ll be scrolling past photos of many wanna-be Barbies. Our society has developed an unrealistic, unattainable, and toxic beauty standard that one can hardly keep up with. That is why it’s refreshing to see creators like Kamit create content that sheds light on the dangerous and unhealthy situation we are placing ourselves in.

In August 2020, Youtuber Ibrahim Kamit posted a video where he discusses the negative impacts that the beauty industry is having on us every single day, and it’s eye-opening. The creator goes into depth about how these beauty ‘trends’ is ever-changing and that it’s almost impossible to keep up. That is how they keep you insecure and keep you spending more and more money. The video now has over 5 million views on Youtube and has sparked discussion all over social media. In the video, Kamit explains the problem with our beauty standards as such:

It’s so important to remember that the beauty standard is constantly changing because there will always be new trends, there will always be a new version of beauty. There was a time when being skinny was not pretty and people actually desired to gain weight. What a time to be alive.

Never-Ending Race

Quite a time to be alive, we agree. What Kamit is pointing out here is how we are running a never-ending race; we will never reach perfection because it doesn’t exist. The creator goes into depth about many other important issues surrounding unrealistic beauty standards and we are here for it. Watch the video here:

If ever you’ve felt like you cannot keep up with society’s demands regarding beauty standards, we highly recommend watching this video as a reminder that you are not the problem. You are perfect the way you are.

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Watch This: Unrealistic Toxic Beauty Standards

Stanzi Malan

Social Editor

Stanzi Malan is a young actress, presenter and writer who is passionate about the performing arts. After completing her Honors degree in Dramatic Arts at the University of Pretoria in 2020, she went on to work in the film and entertainment industry. When she’s not on stage or on set, she’s creating videos for her Youtube channel or creating content for her Instagram page. She loves being both in front of and behind the camera. She has many exciting projects coming soon, such as presenting an episode of Skole Top 10 on KyknetNou and many more!

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