Watch Out, Here She Comes

Forget diamonds (okay, maybe not completely, but put it on the backburner just for now), watches are a girl’s best friend. How else are we supposed to keep track of our busy schedules and how many hours of the day we spend being fabulous? I know what you’re thinking: smartphones are kind of a thing now, Chrismarie. But hear me out. Your wrist deserves this.

Watches are the perfect accessory for the sophisticated woman on the move. Don’t you think women who wear elegant watches just automatically look more put together? At the very least, it creates the illusion of that being true.

A watch can also be very useful in making your fashion statement. Are you feeling bold? A big, flashy, colourful watch might be for you. Understated? Dainty minimalist gold or silver is what you are looking for. Maybe you are the fit-goals-girl; a sleek electronic smartwatch has your name written all over it. No matter your fashion identity, there is a watch that was made for you somewhere out there.

Here are 10 watches we love to help you make up your mind. Don’t hurry, you have t i m e…

Skagen Signatur – Gold, Superbalist, R1799

Classic Cambridge, Daniel Wellington, R 2,790

Armani Exhange Lola – Gold, Superbalist, R3799

Marc Jacobs Riley – Gold & White, Superbalist, R 4999

Apple Watch Series 4 – 40mm GPS Gold Case, Myistore.co.za, R7999

La Grande Classique de Longines, Arthurkaplan.co.za, R 19000

True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbrusier, Rado.com, R31600

Tag Heuer Link Quartz, Arthurkaplan.co.za, R60000

Rolex Cellini Moonphase, Vaultsa.co.za, R347200

Tank Louis Cartier Watch, Arthurkaplan.co.za, Price on Request

For the sake of not keeping you scrolling all day long we stuck to 10 of our favourites, but let’s not forget Fossil, Chanel, Omega, Dior and all of the other fabulous luxury watches waiting to adorn your dainty wrist.

Aside from it being the ultimate fashionable accessory, a watch is also a great investment that you could potentially pass down to your daughter, and she to her daughter. Watches are sound investments seeing as their value hold very well, and some can even become more valuable with time. You could be purchasing a family heirloom that generations will remember you by, so choose wisely, and don’t let the price tags scare you!

Tell us which one your favourite is in the comments below.

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Chrismarie Bester
Chrismarie Bester

Fashion Editor

Chrismarie Bester is a BA Languages and Literature graduate with a passion for fashion, travelling, writing and the Media Industry. She loves flowers, can speak French and also has experience in the modelling industry. Her love for languages and fashion started at a very young age; she has been collecting magazines since she was old enough to understand what fashion means, and the fashion pages are where she spent most of her time. She hopes to inspire and empower women through BLOSS's fashion pages.

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