Vacation According to Colour

As this year draws to an end, why not start planning next years travel destinations according to colour.

Envision a year filled with brushstrokes of adventure, spontaneity and varying hues of pigments. Why not fill this new year’s blank page with varying shades of travel snapshots from around South Africa? Vacation according to colour preference as you tick off contrasting variegated hues while exploring our local gemstones.

Azure blue, lush green, regal purple and snow-white shades will be your muse this year as you ponder your next travel destination.

Beach Blues

Vacation According to Colour

Azure, sapphire and caerulean conjure up memories of roaring ocean waves plummeting on a perfectly crystal white shore. Why not make this thought a reality in 2021 by visiting the illustrious Blue Flag beaches of our coastline.

Consequently, South Africa boasts of a total of 46 Blue Flag shores. These aquatic attractions stretch from the south-west part of the country all the way across to the north-east. Curious about what this notion speaks to?

This title merely revolves around environmentally conscious; unpolluted and well-orchestrated beaches that are characterized as being solely safe.

Necessary criteria required to endorse this title entails the safety services available; the water quality of the marine; ecological organization thereof and lastly environmental edification and information.

Accordingly, venerated beaches that have acclaimed this classification and are worth your visit entails a variety of seashores. Beaches boasting of pristine waters can be found within the Western Cape, Kwa-Zula Natal and the Eastern Cape.

Galivanting in Green

Travel by Green

Consequently, when choosing a spot to commemorate the green element of the colour itinerary the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga should be considered. This spot which is comprised of rugged mountain escapades and grasslands is the next must-see destination.

This greenery entails picturesque vistas in addition to Lisbon Falls, the highest waterfall in the Mpumalanga province. This dramatic tourist attraction truly is the pinnacle of this route due to its astounding height of 94 meters.

Playful Purple  

Travel by Purple

Regal tints of purple are frankly synonymous with Jacarandas which takes us to Gauteng, specifically Pretoria to tick off this colour from your multicoloured travel directory.

Commonly cited in late October, this phenomenon is a prized possession that can be viewed either from the Union buildings or the surrounding Brooklyn area, more so specifically Pienaar and Murry Street.

Subsequently, these beguiling floras which were originally imported from Argentina and Brazil, are a South African staple siting and should not be missed.

Wondering in White

Travel by Colour

Shades of white resonate with the notorious ‘winter wonderland’ phrase and there is no doubt this should form part of one’s colourful voyage antics.

Popular places to witness this frosted backdrop of snowflake allure is none other than the Tiffindel Ski Resort with an altitude of 2720 meters situated in the Eastern Cape.

This resort is nestled on the highest peak of the province, namely on the slope of Ben McDhui. Thus this Alpine accommodation spot is categorized as the loftiest vacation abode in South Africa.

Housing five ski slopes, this snow spectacular offers endless frozen festivities from June through August making it the perfect destination for a white milieu snapshot.

In closing, the sentiment of South Africa being branded as a rainbow nation holds true even concerning its contours.

This is why this notion can be seen as a novel manner to spice up your imminent travel plans this forthcoming year by deciding to vacation according to colour.

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Anel de Villiers
Anel de Villiers

Travel Editor

Anél is a third-year fashion and business student at the University of Pretoria that believes in living a balanced lifestyle filled with zest. This disciplined Golden Key Academic International Society member strives to attain success in all spheres of life. She loves travelling to aesthetically pleasing destinations just as much as a grueling squash session or revamping interior spaces. The fashion enthusiast and sports fanatic has an affinity for both lustrous garments and the earthy palettes of jagged rock-climbing escapades. The freckled-face former provincial indoor hockey player truly believes the best is yet to come and waits in anticipation for where she might find herself next.

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