Up, Close And Personal With David Tlale

To think a trailblazer like David Tlale was almost lost to the fashion industry.  That’s right, he started out his university education in the accounting faculty.  How do we know this?  I got up, close and personal with David Tlale today.

Up, close and personal with David Tlale

In an exclusive interview with BLOSS magazine, David chatted all things fashion, life, his inspiration, and of course our main reason for being there.  David Tlale X AVON.

Listening to David talk fashion, you can clearly see his passion.  His latest collaboration with AVON shows how much he wants to make fashion, and especially luxury fashion accessible.  Because let’s face it show me a woman that doesn’t love a beautiful bag or pair of sunglasses.  Put a designer name to it, and she feels like she has stepped off of the runway at Fashion Week.

Up, Close And Personal With David TlaleYou can watch the full interview by clicking on the video below.  Visit David Tlale’s new showroom in Melrose Arch and Riboville Boutique Hotel in Waterfall Estate.

Up, Close And Personal With David Tlale

To hear more about David’s take on the AVON collaboration click here.

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