UNICORNS = World Domination

 It’s no surprize that unicorns have flooded the market lately and it seems that they are here to stay for quite some time.  But really, we don’t mind, because who doesn’t like horses with rainbow hair and golden horns.  So, we’ve searched high and low to bring you some of the most impressive, most amazing and just down right cute must have products for 2019 in the form of unicorns.

  1. The Unicorn Punching Pen

The perception that unicorns are only made for little girls is just wrong.  This unicorn punching pen from COTTON:ON really caught our attention cause it’s not what you’d expect a fluffy animal pen would look like.  It’s also very stimulating as it as a button that makes the unicorn punch.  Almost like clicking a pen, but so much better.

Buy it NOW for R99.99 from Cotton:On

2.  The Unicorn Star Mug

Would you like a cup of tea?  I’m sure you would feel like your drinking magical water with sparkles in them when you drink tea out of this unicorn star mug from MR PRICE HOME.  This could even be an amazing Christmas gift for that crazy friend of yours who would go bonkers for anything unicorn.

Buy it NOW for R129.99 from Mr Price Home

3.  Mega Unicorn Ride On

I mean, REALLY?  Who wouldn’t want to lounge around this summer on a mega unicorn inflatable from SPORTSMANS WAREHOUSE?  Unless you have a big fear of unicorns and water.  Then maybe stay indoors this holiday season, because it’s been predicted to be a hot one.

Buy it NOW for R599.90 from Sportsmans Warehouse

4.  Unicorn Rules Notebook

Yes yes yes they do.  They don’t only rule, but they rock!  This A4 unicorn rules notebook from CNA is so cool we just can’t get enough of it. It’s inexpensive which means you could buy more than one and they could last the entire year.

Buy it NOW for R79.90 from CNA

5.  Unicorn Cushion

 Sleep sound with this beautiful unicorn cushion from THE CRAZY STORE because this is what dreams are made of.  Sprinkles, sparkles, rainbows and fluffiness.

Buy it NOW for R149.99 from The Crazy Store

6.  Unicorn Kids Stool

But our top pick would have to be this unicorn kids stool from FOX AND MOON.  It’s just mesmerizing and we could just imagine how much entertainment this little stool would give to a little girl.  Imagine riding through mystical forests and gliding on a rainbow with your long hair flowing in the wind.  It’s a must have.

Buy it NOW for R500.00 from Fox and Moon

There you go, dreams are made of rainbows, purple glitter and unicorns especially if you’re a girl.  Share your favourite unicorn product with us.

Written by: Jessica Pieters

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