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What Is Trigger?

With the Trigger App, you are always and instantly in contact with an on-demand network of private emergency services at the push of a button. Trigger instantly connects you with life-saving help close by, wherever you are, 24/7, in minutes.

Why You Need Trigger

The adage ‘better to be safe than sorry’ is now coming home to roost.  South Africa has been hit by a series of economic hardships, which has increased poverty and consequently, desperation, as people struggle to feed themselves, which has also accelerated crime.

The reality is that personal safety is becoming a premium with the added stress of wondering when something is going to happen to you or your loved ones hovering in the back of your mind.  It makes it difficult to freely enjoy life. But, with an app like Trigger that is always-on and linked to a host of different service providers, my family and I have the peace of mind that if we need it, we can call for back-up. We are prepared and protected with Trigger because when it comes down to it, it’s all about time – the time we have to live life and the time to get to us when and if we need that help.

nico panagio trigger
Nico Panagio, Survivor SA Presenter

Subscription starts at only R39-00 per month

*You can cancel any time

Irvette van Zyl, Ultra Marathon World Record Holder, Relies On Trigger To Stay Safe While Training

Imagine having the peace of mind to train and know that you have a partner with you to help you stay safe…

What On-Demand Emergency Services The Trigger App Gives You Access To

220 armed response partners in all major centres

NETCARE 911 available nationwide in South Africa

AA offers roadside assistance nationwide in South Africa

On-Demand Lawyer-on-Call available nationwide

Trauma & Suicide Counselling available nationwide

Subscription starts at only R39-00 per month

*You can cancel any time

Trigger's Current Coverage Map

Simply type in your current location in the search bar and get the average response time for emergency services to you are…

Subscription starts at only R39-00 per month

*You can cancel any time