Trendy Youth: On the Go Products For the Youth of Today

Our very own Natasha Kriel, Youth Brand Ambassador, shares her 5 Original Since products for our on the go youth of today.

We are unique. We are trendsetters.

There is constant change in today’s trends, especially among the youth. So it was great fun to look at a few youthful trending products just to make our lives easier.

Clearasil Rapid Action Gel Wash


Dischem Pharmacy, R94.95

Clearasil is one of the best known names in acne care. It is inexpensive and effective. What more do you need? Clearasil products fight breakouts faster, leaving you with visibly clearer skin within 12 hours. It opens blocked pores with each wash daily. This product is perfect for teens often struggling with breakouts & acne. You can buy Clearasil products at your nearest Dischem Pharmacy or in local grocery stores.

Hair Scrunchies

Cotton:On, R79

Scrunchies are back, baby! Hair scrunchies always have a way of spicing up your outfit, whether you wear it in your hair or on your wrist as an accessory. Unlike other hair elastics, scrunchies have no metal parts, which means no damage to your hair. It also comes in a variety of textures and fabrics. I love these scrunchies from Cotton On.

BONUS: A scrunchie is way harder to lose than a usual hair elastic!

Classic Ripped Jeans

Mr Price, R149.99 – R249.99

This is probably one of the most popular trends of today. Ripped jeans are still the ultimate favourite for the younger generation. It is different from ordinary jeans; it adds character and a unique style to your look. Luckily it comes in different shapes and styles like the boyfriend style jean or even classic ripped skinny jeans. Mr Price clothing store always has a big variety of ripped jeans at a great price.

Nivea Eye Make-Up Remover

Clicks, R62.99

The struggle with waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a thing of the past! Nivea is a personal favourite of mine and this little bottle filled with magic makes removing makeup so much easier, even if it is waterproof eyeliner and mascara! It is specially made with a sensitive eye area in mind, which is also really gentle on the rest of your skin. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft without any redness & irritation. Available at Clicks.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Takealot, R899

We all know it as polaroid film, and YES! It is trending again! The Instax Mini camera is definitely a must-have. It captures raw memories and prints them instantly. The film styles and designs are endless to choose from. It’s great to use at social events and parties. You can capture and print the images right there in the moment.

Written by Natasha Kriel

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Jessica Pieters
Jessica Pieters


Jessica Pieters’s interest in magazines can be traced back to her childhood when she started collecting cutouts of all the new trends. There really isn’t one thing she likes more than the other, as her versatile personality gets her excited about anything. Marketing and advertising is her passion in life and she believes that nothing should come between you and your dreams. She’s intrigued by languages, so much so, that she learnt the French alphabet during the first half of a rugby match.

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