Trending Now: Balloons are Popping Up Everywhere!

“What do you mean I’m too old to have balloons at my birthday party”?

Said no one ever!!

But my gosh,  how far we’ve come since stepping into the world of helium and all things floating.

Balloons are no longer just for that special birthday celebration, but you can be accompanied by a bunch of balloons for welcoming a newborn, that once in a lifetime I do moment and festive dinner parties.  Look, don’t get me wrong, a bottle of wine to my weekly dinner party with friends is such a thoughtful gift, considering mother always said to not show up empty-handed.  But, I’m more of an OMG you brought me a bunch of balloons, kinda girl.

Balloons are popping up everywhere these days and I thought what a fun and inexpensive trend to bring back after putting a 2019 modern twist on it.

The Balloon Garland

This awesome Momma incorporated a balloon garland at the back of the dessert table.  It’s so eye-catching how the rose gold accents stand out amongst the assorted peachy colours and we think this could be an easy DIY for any occasion.

The Balloon Cake Topper

Shut up and take our money.  Replace those oh so old fashioned Birthday candles with these stunning miniature balloons.  Why not make a thing of it?  Instead of blowing out candles, pop a balloon or two to add to the end of a hip-hip-hooray!

The Balloon Wedding Arch

Spectacular is a word that comes to mind.  Not only would these make insanely trendy one-of-a-kind wedding photos but your guests would have a ball entertaining themselves under a beautiful balloon arch in your wedding colours of course.

The Balloon Photoshoot

Look no further Instagramers.  Out of ideas on how to announce your birthday?  Or just in the mood for a new photoshoot idea?  The trend is walking around randomly on location with balloons.  Any balloons will do.

The Balloon Name

Forget your name in lights, let’s do your name in balloons.  Ever wondered what it would like to have your name floating around in the air for all the right reasons.  Well here you go, look no further.  #BalloonLove

The Balloon Ceiling

Feeling like you are floating in the air would be an understatement for this next idea.  Imagine a balloon ceiling for your next event.  And perfect photos in every shot…wow we are just in awe of the mood these floating circles could create.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to ballooning around and we just know you’ll want to try these trends out.  So, tag us in your next balloon experience and tell us what you like most about it.

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Jessica Pieters
Jessica Pieters


Jessica Pieters’s interest in magazines can be traced back to her childhood when she started collecting cutouts of all the new trends. There really isn’t one thing she likes more than the other, as her versatile personality gets her excited about anything. Marketing and advertising is her passion in life and she believes that nothing should come between you and your dreams. She’s intrigued by languages, so much so, that she learnt the French alphabet during the first half of a rugby match.

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