What To Download Before A Flight

We’ve all been in a situation that might be a bit hard to escape – specifically on a plane, bored out of your mind with nowhere to go but down the emergency…

5 Reason to Visit Kuzuko Lodge

Breathtaking views of the Winterberg mountains, discovering wildlife on early morning game drives, and your own luxury chalet. Doesn’t that sound idyllic?

Busi Manunga

Busi Manunga

Travel Editor

A Wits University graduate, Busi Manunga found life truly began for her once she focused her energy on her passion – writing. Having begun her career in publishing through a lucky start as a beauty intern, she is now a former Beauty Editor whose love for writing and producing quality content transcends her niche. Busi’s print repertoire includes writing travel features, decor, hair, men’s grooming, wellness and fitness. As she enters her late twenties, she’s hoping to see more of the world and let her audience in on what she gets up to.

Monique Webster

Monique Webster

BLOSS Youth Travel Editor

Monique Webster was born in the midst of a never-ending love affair with travel. Her core passion lies in exploring and spending time with her loved ones. She spends half her time making jokes and being with family and friends and the other half globe-trotting and seeking adventure.
She currently lives in Pretoria and during the week she manages a local jewellery shop and spends her time trying to decide whether she should study or travel. She hopes to combine the two in the following year.

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