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Airbnb is still very much the “in-thing” and renting a full apartment instead of just a room is becoming even more popular. Airbnb or guesthouse owners, together with those who travel a lot and are constantly on the road, or just those who likes taking a long extended vacation,  can now make use of the Silux Control® home automation system that allows you to control any function in your house from your smart phone. 

Silux Control – proudly designed in South Africa – is a home automation system that can be integrated into all homes, offices or any building without the need for cabling or exhaustive installation work.

After over 2 years, a huge team of developers designed the system that’s affordable, making the opportunity of a luxury home automation system available to everyone.

The system features a modular design meaning that you only buy what is important in your life, and you can in your own time add additional devices to the automation system.

By using Silux Control® you will also be able to control your home by using the Android or IOS app on a mobile phone.

With this capability, the functions of your home will be at your fingertips. You will be able to decide what gets switched on, when things like your geyser, lights and irrigation system are turned on and when they turn off by creating schedules and at the same time save energy and reduce costs.

Lifestyle automation literally pays off. When you are able to use appliances only when needed, the savings will be apparent in the first utility bill.

You will improve security of your home. Being able to control all electronics devices
remotely is beneficial, but the added feature of automation alerts based on the status of your security, is what’s really making your home more secure.

How many times have you, your kids (or wife, husband) left the garage door open or left on a dangerous appliance like the oven or an iron? What if this happens and you’re on your way abroad, or this happens to one of your Airbnb guests?

With Silux Control wireless control system you can set up an immediate action or alert that warns you about the issue and can then close the door or turn off the appliance for you. Your property will enjoy an added measure of safety through the ability to control electrical appliances.

There are many safety benefits by Silux Control including being able to turn indoor and outdoor lights on before you or your guests arrive home to an empty house or when you away on holiday, as well as the ability to unlock your door for your child or without having to fumble for a key.

Sometimes it’s the little things that end up making a difference making your living more
luxurious at an affordable price. Your home, office, Airbnb home, and Guesthouse should operate without you, but yet still make your life as comfortable as possible, and there should be no need once you have created scenes and schedules for you to interact with the system, it will run seamlessly in the background.

Silux Control® will allow you to spend more time on the things you want to do and spend less time worrying about your home.

Complete Starter Kit for a 3-bedroom home starting from R8999. T’s & C’s Apply

For more details visit: http://www.siluxcontrol.com/index.php

Magdel Steyn
Magdel Steyn

Influencer Development Manager and Travel Editor

Magdél is a communication specialist and entrepreneur who creates opportunities for traveling and stories through her digital nomad lifestyle. She is the owner of MSMedia and a Digital Influencer who shares various business and travel tips.

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