Transitioning Your Foundation Shade Between Seasons

Here are a few tips for transitioning your foundation shade between seasons by wet n wild

Finding a foundation that ticks all the boxes, while matching your skin tone, is a journey.

Transitioning Your Foundation Shade Between Seasons That moment you discover your perfect shade of foundation, is probably one of the happiest beauty moments you’ll ever experience. The only problem is that it isn’t a life-long match. Our skin tones are prone to change, particularly between seasons, and this could mean that the perfect match you found in July, is no longer your perfect match in December.

By now we all know that sun tanning is a no-go, and while the sun’s UV rays are dangerous for all parts of the body, the skin on our faces is often worst off post-exposure. This is partly because the skin around our eyes is particularly thin and vulnerable, partly because our faces are more prone to showing the signs of UVA-induced ageing and partly because most of us are guilty of not reapplying SPF to our faces throughout the day. But the truth is, that even when you follow all the guidelines, it is still possible for your skin to darken in the summer months, and lighten in the winter months.

Where does that leave you when it comes to the foundation? There are a couple of tricks you can try to make your current foundation work throughout the year, however, to ensure a flawless shade match all year round, we recommend investing in a second bottle of foundation, in a shade or two lighter, or darker. If you found your perfect match in summer, you’ll want to look at one or two shades lighter for winter, and if you found your perfect match during winter, you’ll want to look at one or two shades darker for summer.

Skin lightens and darkens gradually, so you are likely to see a change in tone over time, and not overnight. Keep your second shade on hand earlier than you think you may need it. As soon as you see a slight change in your skin tone, you can start incorporating this second shade into your makeup regime by mixing a little bit with your current shade to create your perfect match. This allows you to adapt the colour gradually until your skin tone has changed enough for you to switch over to the second shade entirely.

If you’re caught unprepared, there are a few things you can try until you get hold of that all-important second shade.

For a foundation that is too dark:

  • Mix a little bit of moisturiser into your foundation if the shade is too dark. While this won’t change the actual shade of your foundation, it will make the formula more sheer, allowing your true skin colour to shine through.
  • Change your application technique. When you blend foundation into the skin with your fingers, it will appear darker than if you blend it with a brush or sponge. We recommend using a damp (not wet!) makeup sponge and blending with a light hand.

For a foundation that is too light:

  • If your foundation is too light, apply a little bit of bronzer in a tone similar to your natural skin colour, to give your complexion a warm glow.
  • Use it sparingly, at the centre of the face, avoiding the outer perimeters. The high points in the centre of the face are where the light naturally falls, so these areas appear naturally brighter.

When selecting your foundation, it’s important to not only look at the shade but also the formulation. Choose a product that is blendable and buildable – this will give you freedom and flexibility with coverage. Look for a formula with nourishing benefits, and one that has a smooth or silky texture.

Transitioning Your Foundation Shade Between Seasons
Transitioning Your Foundation Shade Between Seasons

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