Top 4 Cat Litter Brands That Cats and Owners Love

Every cat is unique and has their own personality, however, one thing that all cats have in common is the need for proper kitty litter. While we might have our favourite brand of litter based on ease, smell and price, but our cats are far pickier. Here are our and their favourites.

There are so many available to choose from, yet they are not all created equal. Your cat will agree, trust us on this!

There are quite a few things to consider when buying a cat litter, from how good they are at covering unpleasant odours to how affordable they are.

So, I gathered a group of cat-owners and we tried some of the options available to us. Here are our, and our kittens’, favourites.

Kit Cat Soya Clump Cat Litter

Yes, this kitten litter smells great. It was a unanimous decision. Kit Cat Soya Litter was the favourite. This litter, made from soybeans, is eco-friendly, practically dust free, great for sensitive paws and kittens suffering from respiratory problems and smells fantastic!! It absorbs fast and does not stick to the litter box.

It is available in green tea, peach, strawberry, coffee and charcoal scents.

Treat your fur baby!

Available at (R151.49)

Cat’s Best Oko Plus ECO Clumping Cat Litter

The Cat’s Best Oko Plus ECO Clumping Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable and the probably the most absorbent clumping litter on the market. There is barely any smell and a bag last for quite a long time. The best part is that waste clumps can be disposed of in the toilet!

Available from (R199)

Lopis Cat Litter

Lopis Cat Litter works great for absorbing the smell of the litter box. It is one of the most affordable litter’s out there and is some of the longer lasting options available. So, don’t let the simple packaging and no-frills approach fool you.

Available from (R59)

Bob Martin Felight Cat Litter

Bob Martin is one of those brands that animal -owners can trust. The cat litter leaves little mess and smell. After removing any clumps, wet or dry, the litter was usable again. The crystals are great for sensitive paws and cats with allergies.

Available from Makro (R59.95)

We have come to the conclusion that clumping litter are our preferred choice as it is easier to remove waste without having to dump the entire box of litter and besides having to clean the litter box less, it is also easier to clean.
What is your favourite litter to use and why?

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Marissa Cooper Le Roux
Marissa Cooper Le Roux

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Marissa Cooper le Roux completed her BIS degree at the University of Pretoria and is currently busy with her Honours degree. She is very fond of animals but shares a special love for her Maltese poodle Jett.

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