Top 3 Fragrances from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances
Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances

Do you change your perfume with the season? While heavier sent can be distasteful in the summer sunshine, you can wear fragrances that are muskier, woodier, and spicier in the winter. Louis Vuitton has a special range of perfumes that you can wear all year round.

On the beach

Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances
Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances

First up we are excited to announce the brand new on the beach fragrance that just launched. Master Jacques Cavalier blends emotions of a day spend on a sunny beach. With the remarkable scent of thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, and cloves. Available from Louis Vuitton Sandton City store in Johannesburg and the V&A Waterfront store in Cape Town. It’s R4000 for 100ml.

Les Sables roses

Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances
Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances

Les stables launched in 2019 and the master behind this fragrance is the brilliant Jacques Cavallier. This fragrance is heavier so I would recommend it for autumn or even winter. This is a real timeless fragrance. The main senses are rose, oud, amber, warm spicy, fresh spicy, animatic, and floral.  This fragrance is also available in a travel kit. This kit was created to go with any trip, this includes a travel bottle as well as four 7.5ml cartridges.

Nuit De Feu

Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances
Louis Vuitton’s Top 3 Fragrances

Nuit De Feu launched during covid in 2020. Jacques Cavallier’s goal was to give you the feel of an ice-cold desert night. The soften senses are amber, smokey, leather, oud, fresh spicy, warm spicy, balsamic and musky. This is a must-have fragrance for the upcoming winter.

How to make your perfume last longer

If your perfume’s disappeared by noon, it might be down to the ingredients. “Some notes take longer to evaporate from the skin, but citrus materials are more volatile and tend to vanish quicker,” explains Dunckley. Fan of fresh, summer scents? Layer them with matching body lotions to eke them out.

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The best way to store your perfume

Stored correctly, your perfumes should last longer than most of your romantic relationships (no shade intended). “Keep fragrances somewhere dry, cool and away from sunlight,” advises Dunckley.

So, now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to make the most of your perfume, here are the scents we swear by… From new fragrances to cult classics, we’ve covered them all…

Top 3 Fragrances from Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton

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