Haval Steps Up Their Game

Haval Steps Up Their Game

After what we have seen what Haval Motors SA is aiming at in South Africa. It is no surprise to see the introduction of JOLION to the South African Market.

Life is complex. It has become more complex in recent months. Car buying has changed, car selling has changed. Consumer needs have changed. Consumers have changed. The world is changing every second.

Isn’t it time carmakers change?

GWM’s answer to this is we have changed, are changing, and will continue to metamorphosize into a company that offers smart mobility solutions to the global market with cutting-edge technology – which is being released outside of the borders of mainland China due to recent advances. Here’s the story.

Haval Steps Up Their Game

Firstly, GWM internationally has adopted a new mentality towards innovation. Not just in terms of product innovation but innovative thinking and innovative approaches to the Customer and Research and Development, bringing the customer to the center of the situation or making our mindset customer-centric, we have expanded our approach from making the product the center of the design and research process and we now look at the process from both perspectives.


We want to build cars that become more than just mobility devices, they will become man’s best friend, a family member, a protector, and an extension of you.

Haval Steps Up Their Game

The all-new Haval JOLION is the brainchild of many hours of this relentless research and development and it’s quite easy to see why the nameplate JOLION which means “First Love” was chosen for this young beauty. At first glance, the futuristic expressive design catches your eye.

Haval Steps Up Their Game

As a Phil Simmonds design, you can see the artistic fashionable statement the overall look makes which is further accentuated by the front and rear LED Vison tail lamps extending into the styling lines giving JOLION a sporty yet elegant look whilst keeping a wide-body stance.

The Split Design Daytime running lamps add to the futuristic appeal. Chrome finished accents from the diffuser to the branded side garnish add to the overall elegance.

Haval Steps Up Their Game

As always Haval has left it all out there in terms of specifications. JOLION comes in 5 variants namely Manual transmission City model and Luxury.

While the 7 – speed DCT auto will have the city, Luxury, and super luxury versions in 6 color options.

There has never been a better time to be alive. To drive and love and live, JOLION.

More about the JOLION, click here to visit Haval South Africa

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Haval Steps Up Their Game

Kenneth van Zyl

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Kenneth van Zyl is a digital entrepreneur, International Film Editor, professional photographer and cinematographer and also has a background in marketing and Public Relations for some of South Africa’s International vehicle brands. Sometimes you just have to find the adventure within and enjoy every moment of it!

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