This Optiphi Rejuvenating Serum! 

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So whats the “new” buzz product on the shelf?

This Optiphi Rejuvenating Serum! 

Your new Serum BFF!


As lucky as I was, I got experience this first hand and was I impressed! Not to mention the packaging. The look and feel is sleek and expensive and the quality lives up to the standard!

Here are some need to knows about what it has to offer your skin!
Revitalizer, is an advanced serum targeting UV induced aging, pigmentation, impaired barrier function and skin
sensitivity caused by external factors such as lifestyle and nutrition choices, sun exposure and smoking.

These are the benefits:

Unique new approach to fight ‘infra-aging’ (aging associated with infrared damage)
• Reduces the appearance of sun damage
• Minimizes uneven skin and dark spots
• Improves skin texture and wrinkles

Application: It is important to progressively introduce retinol-containing products into your skincare routine.

Begin with applying once a day (ideally in the morning as the ingredients protect against UV damage), twice a week, and gradually
increase the frequency until applying once and then twice a day, every day.

Grab your new Favorite Serum today!

You can find them at

Visit to locate your nearest optiphi professional


Skin Rejuvenation Technologies (Pty) Ltd. Tel. +27 12 667 6243

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