They Made What? Apple Products You Forgot Existed

With tech giants, such as our favourite minimalist design guru Apple, advancing at lightning speed, we have lost track of some of the products that have crossed their production lines. Here is a list of some of the lesser-known and forgotten products Apple has released and some that never even made it as far.

01 The Apple Collection 1986

Now, although we still get wearables today, this was not quite your Apple watch. The tech giant released their home accessories and clothing line in 1986 so you could wear your Apple pride on your sleeve, literally.

The home catalogue included items such as umbrellas, pocket knives, towels, mugs, and even a very no-tech circular-faced watch with their rainbow Apple logo for all to see. Apple fashionistas could get branded in a very 80’s way with windbreakers, baggy sweatshirts, and even pop-the-collar-cool polo shirts.

02 The Newton 1993

It might have been ahead of its time, but the Apple Newton was a PDA (personal digital assistant) and Smart Phone all rolled into one ugly looking design. It was planned to have been the fit all solution in personal organizing and it came with a stylus and touch screen. Unfortunately, it was a huge flop, selling only 50 000 units in the U.S. in the first year, spectacularly failing to reach Apple’s estimate of over a million. It was discontinued in 1998, but it was the inspiration for the modern-day iPad and iPhones.

03 Quick Take Cameras 1994

Remember that time Apple made a digital camera? Me neither. This very forgettable device had the right idea, but could not quite get the execution right. Partnering with Kodak, Apple created a point and shoot camera that looked more like binoculars and it had whopping (insert sarcasm here) 0.3 Megapixel, built-in 1 Meg memory, making it in effect the worst quality camera that was sold for $700+. Best this one stays forgotten.

04 Pippin 1996

Apple is not known for its gaming, let’s be honest. In 1996 Apple tried their hand in the console gaming world, releasing the Pippin at the time when we had the Nintendo 64, the Sega Saturn and the Playstation One. With lacklustre graphics, and not up to scratch games, in a market filled with better options, the Pippin bombed, badly. It was put out of its misery, being discontinued in 1997.

05 Macintosh TV 1993

We can’t blame Apple for trying to push the envelope on innovation in the early ’80s & ’90s. Some changed the world and others… not so much. Just when you thought that Apple TV was a new thing, you are wrong. Introducing the grandfather of our modern Apple TV, Macintosh TV. It consisted of a 41-inch colour monitor (the same one as their LC 520 computer) painted black, because chic, a cable-ready TV tuner and a remote – Tadah! The Macintosh TV was born. The main problem was that its pricetag (like most Apple products, really) was too hefty for the market to bear.

So, which forgotten tech products do you remember as a kid?

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Anriette van Wyk
Anriette van Wyk

Tech Editor

Anriette is an alumni of The Open Window Institute where she studied Visual Communication. Currently she is the Boss Lady at Kief Kreativ with more than 10 years experience in the creative industry where she works as a professional photographer on big productions and concerts with both local and international artists. She has a wide portfolio, ranging from weddings, fashion, studio and editorial photography under her belt. Anriette is a photographer, designer, illustrator, model, car fanatic, dinosaur lover and Indiana Jones wannabe.

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