The Travel Mask-OFF!

So many masks… so many decisions!  The Travel Mask-OFF!

Are you a 3-layered surgical mask kind of girl, a buff babe or couture mask diva?
Do you prefer a Pantone colour, leather, plain, sequins, glitter, denim, animal, or funky prints?

Well, it does not really matter… I have something for everyone in this travel essential – mask edition.

We all know that masks will be the most essential travel item for a long time when travelling locally or internationally.

And now that countries like Morocco, Austria, the Czech Republic, and USA (including New York, New Jersey and Maryland), have mandated masks in public areas where social distancing is not possible, this flourishing industry is only going to get bigger.

However, when masks migrate into the empire of fashion, they become something else. As with all accessories, like shoes, bags and scarves, they become symbols of not just health or social concern, but of individuality.

I have sourced masks from 7 local designers for your travel convenience so that you do not have to… you can thank me later 😊 #itsapleasure

1. Tula-Tu Baby – Pretty prints in Poland

The Travel Mask-OFF!

Poland is not only famous for its delicious food but also, their beautiful women. This country has survived centuries of conflict to emerge as a proud independent country, ready to assume her new role in modern history. So too will you be making travel history with your designer print masks while taking photos in the country’s vibrant cities, as well as the lakes and forests of their picturesque countryside.

I was pleasantly surprised and excited to find out that there is a company in Pretoria that can design and print high-quality material. They go to great lengths to source a wide variety of fabrics to offer trendy designs to keep up with local and international trends. This amazing company now designs its own 3-layer re-usable mask range. When I asked Tula-Tu Baby if they want to collaborate with Bloss magazine, they did not hesitate, and they sent me over 10 masks (the same day) to choose from. I was overwhelmed as the one design was more beautiful than the next. The business grew from a side-line hobby to a full-time business in less than 12 years, and they are going from strength to strength. They are passionate about what they do, and the quality of their products confirms this.

You can now protect yourself, and your loved ones, in style with an exceptional designer print 3-layer mask.

To order or for the options available please contact:

Designer: Jeanne

Phone: +27 83 650 5191

Facebook: tula-tu baby

Instagram: tulatubabylinen

Price per mask is R45.00 and they are available in a variety of sizes (including kids and adult sizes).

Courier costs apply outside of the Pretoria area.

2. Tuisteskepper – Haute couture in Holland

The Travel Mask-OFF!

The Netherlands is a global trendsetter and leading exporter of flowers. Most parts of the country are transformed into a vast sea of flowers from mid-March to mid-May. When the tulips bloom you can show off in your lovely colourful ear saver floral haute couture mask and headband combo.

You can now impress your friends with the most beautiful high-quality floral haute couture designs while saving your ears from the elastic mask imprints. The founder of Tuisteskepper, Sarleen, has the most exquisite floral, individually handmade masks that have the detail of an exclusive store-bought mask or top boutique headband. The florals she uses was her original bespoke designs made for her interior décor range. Her masks are extremely well made and fits like a glove. These stunning couture masks with ear savers are ideal for day-long wear and super easy to wash and re-use. The matching mask and ear saver combos are so versatile, and you can get one for every day of the week. They can also be swapped out to suit your mood or outfit. Since humans on Earth will be wearing face protection masks against Covid-19 pretty much EVERYWHERE over the next few years, they’re bound to become the hottest new fashion accessory.

To order or for the options available please contact:

Designer: Sarleen Miles

Name: Tuisteskepper


Phone: +27 0713563358



Facebook: @tuisteskepper

Price per mask is R60.00 and they are available in sizes for kids and adults.

Mask and ear saver combo are R120.00

Wrap around your head ear saver for any type of mask R20 each

Courier costs apply outside of the Pretoria area.

*Tuisteskepper= homemaker. Someone that wants to make your house a home.

3. Cocoberry – New York buff babe by day or rose gold goddess by night

The Travel Mask-OFF!

Fashionable, elegant, comfy and practical Cocoberry designs are ideal to take to your next trip to New York. The unique Cocoberry buff is breathable, wind-resistant and made for high-performance activities. It is the perfect travel accessory for the avid traveller that wants to explore the many facets of New York’s Central Park. You can wear the trendy buff as a mask and if your hair keeps falling into your face it doubles up as a chic headband too. Whether you are a casual Sunday jogger or a serious road warrior with many marathons behind you, Central Park is a runner’s paradise. It’s also a great place for clearing your head with a brisk walk or meditating on the open grass. New York’s nightlife is the total contrast of Central Park. It is packed with the hottest, jazziest, and most glamourous after-dark action. The nightlife is ideal to show off your classy rose gold designer Cocoberry mask that would complement any LBD. (little black dress)

Contact Cocoberry for glitzy Masks, buffs and matching dresses.

Designer: Tanya Schutte

Name: Silver Swallow Designs

Cell: +27 73 813 5458

Email :

Facebook: @cocoberrysa

Instagram : cocoberrysa

R150 per mask or buff

Courier costs apply

4. Abounding Grace – Stylish snoods in Switzerland

The Travel Mask-OFF!

Swiss Alpes, mountains, luxurious chocolate and cosy evenings by the fire is enough to convince anyone to visit Switzerland. Summer evenings in June can be a little chilly, especially if you’re nearby water, and it is the ideal place to wear your super stylish Abounding Grace snood with a chic jacket that you can toss on as the temperature dips.

In terms of fashion trends, a snood is basically a tubular scarf. The snood is like an infinity scarf, which is a looped scarf that sits around the neck. They differ in that the snood sits higher on the neck and can often act as a hood.

Abounding Grace snoods and masks are handmade with love and only the most lavish and exceptional fabrics are used. The masks are designed with style, efficiency, comfort and luxury in mind. An Abounding Grace mask is made with 3 layers, including a filter layer, as well as a removable nose wire. An Abounding Grace Mask ties at the back ensuring the perfect fit without any strain on your ears and comes with an additional 2 removable filters which can easily be inserted into the filter sleeve giving you a 5 layered mask, ensuring maximum protection. These mask-snood combos are a truly unique offering as the mask can be worn on its own or easily clipped onto the snood to be worn as a set on a chilly winter’s day.

If we go back to a time where masks are not needed anymore you will still have a stylish snood for any occasion.

Designer: Chanelle Pienaar

Name: Abounding Grace

Cell: +27 84 010 1105

Email :

R80 per mask or R220 per snood (with mask)

Courier costs apply

5. Face Up – Just breathe in Brazil

The Travel Mask-OFF!

Although it is the start of the winter season in Brazil, June can be one of the best times to visit this South American country. However, the temperature in Brazil varies by region; the northern area experiences warmer yet wetter weather than the southernmost coastal and inland regions, which are usually cool and dry. That is one of the reasons I would pack the Face-Up face mask. The mask has a respirator but still looks stylish enough to dress up or down. Your packing list for Brazil greatly depends on where you go in the country in June. However, always pack a variety of clothing options for all types of weather since the winter can be slightly unpredictable no matter where you go.

When one of my favourite fashion designers in Gauteng launched her own individual, personalised, couture designer face masks I could not contain my excitement! Her dresses have been worn by many celebrities, matric farewells, and Miss South Africa’s. Wilma will always make you feel like a princess and her most important client, and she has one of the most generous hearts.

Designer: Wilma du Plessis

Name: Face Up

Cell: +27 82 420 0363

Facebook: wilmaduplessisdesigner

Instagram: wilmaduplessis_sa

R54 per mask

R75 per mask with extra elastics

R95 mask with respirator

R110 mask 2 respirators

We ALL need to #faceup to the challenges we are being presented with during this extremely trying #covid19 time!! .
You can do it in #style with our stunning #face-upmasks .
Order your today!!

6. Spunky – Do some soul searching in Spain

The Travel Mask-OFF!

Spain = dance… not just dancing around a room with your partner, but jaw-dropping beauties doing their moves and leaving the onlookers breathless.

When in Rome, do like the Romans. When in Spain, dance like the locals. Dance like no-one is watching!

To be able to strut your stuff on the dance floor, you need a mask that will firstly allow you to move, without the heavy breathing, but most importantly, allow you to look breathtakingly beautiful while doing it.

Spunky masks tick all these boxes. They are bling and super stylish masks for the Spunky Girl! 💋. They are also triple-layered with a Regulation Filter. You can reuse them, and they are soft, comfortable, and breathable for all-day comfort, with a single band around your head and a single tie.

Explore their Trendy European Fashion Collection. They are constantly sourcing original authentic products, to remain on point. Only the best European quality, qualifies for our Spunksters! Their designs include a variety of leather and animal print masks.

To be spunky and funky at the same time order yours today.

Designer: Vidette Essafrau
Company: Spunky

Facebook: spunky

Instagram: spunkysa

Cell: +27 72 985 1221

R100 per mask

Courier costs applies

(Fashion for the girl with Spunk!!

7. Verlief – from Paris with love

Paris…one of those cities that will feature on literally everyone’s top 10 bucket list of places to visit. Paris is passionately known as the City of Love. The place where you need to go to make special memories, with that special person in your life.

But sadly, the time of taking pictures at the Eifel Tower, maskless, is for now a thing of the past. But you need not worry, Verlief have you covered, literally.

Vicky du Plessis’s motto is that you do not have to have only one mask…why not have one for every day. She also caters for everyone in your family, and her mask sizes start from as young as 4-year old’s. Her masks also come in a variety of prints, so why not get yourself an Eifel Tower printed mask to mark your special occasion.

Vicky passion also allows her to support others in need, and you too can help her achieve this. For every 10 masks that Verlief sells, Verlief Cares will donate R50 towards Mid Hartklop (they assist families during the lockdown period)

Designer: Vicky du Plessis

Name: Verlief


Cell: +27 81 814 2965 (Vicky / Middelburg)

Cell: +27 82 371 7940 (Lunette/ Pretoria)

Facebook: @verliefweddingboutique

Instagram: verliefboutique_ltd

From R55 per mask

Courier costs apply

I am going to leave you with one thought… your reusable mask is exactly like your lingerie! You need to wash it every day after use! 😊

The Travel Mask-OFF!


Did you know Bloss Magazine supports local women-owned businesses and women empowerment and is all for women supporting women?

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