The Secret Trick To Securing A Second Date

Have you ever had that one person you went out with, and they never called back? And you wondered why? Well, it’s mainly because something was completely off. Majority of the time you may find that a lot of people don’t go on a second date simply because what you wore on the first date didn’t shout ‘Yaaaayyyyy!’ as much as you thought. First impressions last forever.

Here are a few cute outfits you can wear on your first date.

Boitumelo Thulo


This look is perfect if you really really like the guy, but you’re not sure if you have started loving him already. Okay, yes I know it’s a bit revealing but you gotta show some skin, baby! The colour blue can be associated with the music genre, soul, cause you got some soul lady! So trust me when I say, if you wear this it will definitely put him in his feelings. This stunning piece can be purchased online from ‘Fashionnever ‘ for a suitable price of R700.


This is more of a movie date outfit or a simple lunch outfit. Purple is commonly associated with royalty, nobility, and honour. I am almost completely sure that this look will help you secure that second date, I mean it literally screams I am your next girlfriend.

For both those looks, a pair of heels from Zara will complement the look.

Click on the image to shop!

This pair of heels, for example, is suitable for both outfits as it is simple and super comfortable. PLUS, you can definitely wear them again, so no money wasted. It retails at R600. If you are not the heels type of girl, I have the perfect sneaker for you. These shoes are extremely comfortable and affordable, and it adds that little sparkle to your legs as you walk.

Click on the image to shop!

These gorgeous sneakers are from Aldo and go for R700. With these two outfits, there’s no way you won’t get a second date.

If you are the type of girl who feels more comfortable in pants, I know, I’m like that sometimes. You can never go wrong with a pair of torn jeans.

Natalia Kurda


This is a simple but classy look. The jacket can be found at The Fix for R300. A similar pair of jeans can be purchased from Cotton On for approximately R450. This outfit can be worn with the above sneakers from Aldo or the pair of metallic heels.

There is something about a guy’s outfit that talks to a girl’s inner core. A lot of guys don’t know this but girls are attracted to what you wear more than your personality.

Here are a few outfits that I know for sure, if you were to wear this on our first date, you might as well consider me your girlfriend.

Trevor Jackson


Honestly, this look talks the talk. It’s literally telling me to answers your calls whenever you call. This is more of a movie date type of look. The typical Netflix night. The pants can be purchased from Fila for R400. The jacket from Mango for only R1400. I don’t think it’s necessary for you to wear a sweater underneath but I feel like a simple plain white T-shirt will do. A pair of white sneakers will also add to the look.

Lucky Blue Smith

This dark blue suit can be associated with integrity, knowledge, power and seriousness. The outfit is more of a special occasion date if you are trying to impress the girl. This suit can be purchased from Zara for R 1900. You can pair this suit with white sneaker from Nike, which ranges for R 1450.

The secret to securing a second date is in the way you dress. Let your outfit be as warm as your heart.

Remember, fashion is a fighting tool and in this case, you are fighting for love.

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Amogelang Rakgoale
Amogelang Rakgoale

BLOSS Youth Fashion Editor

Amogelang Rakgoale is a 17 year old, born in Limpopo, Polokwane. She lived with her grandparents up until the age of 9. Amogelang is an ambitious young girl who aspires to have a meaningful impact on society. She is a dreamer that dreams big. Those very same dreams spark a deep passion to ensure that her dreams become a reality. Amo considers herself as a spiritual individual in that she uses the Law of Attraction to channel her mind. Amo is currently in grade 11 at Pro Arte Alphen Park. She considered an Art school to help emphasize her passion for Art. Amo enjoys expanding her knowledge in the fashion and beauty industry.

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