The real hero’s of COVID19

Over the last few years, South Africa’s economy has taken quite a few hits, but nothing could have prepared us for COVID19.

We thank and appreciate what each healthcare professional has done over the past 22 days and continues to do each day. Without you, we would not be able to fight this fight.

But while healthcare professionals are fighting the fight indoors the real challenges of COVID 19 is the fight on the streets. For 22 days millions of South Africans have been uncertain as to where their next meal would come from and each day thousands of people are putting themselves at risk by going out in search of something to eat.

But if there is something we have come to learn of us as South Africans, when the going gets tough we get tougher. People have come out and have started amazing initiatives to help the poor and vulnerable. These people have been making a difference by donating food, PPE supplies, money or simply their time, these are the unsung heroes of COVID19.

We at Bloss urge each of our readers to chose an initiative and to please try and donate something to them whether its, food, money or even supplies.

Here are some of the initiatives that have caught our eye:

A leap for PPE.

Has recognized that shortages of masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are putting our healthcare workers at greater risk than is necessary.

Healthcare workers across South Africa are facing severe shortages of protective gear as the number of COVID19 cases continues to rise. DONATIONS received will be used to supply our Doctors & Nurses with critical PPE to keep them safe while they keep us safe.

They have launched a backabuddy campaign to assist in fundraising and also a very successful social media campaign where anybody can do their Share 😊


How the campaign works.

1 – Draw a little heart on your hand

2 – Take a selfie with your hand covering your nose and your mouth (don’t touch your face)

3 – Write a cool caption about our appreciation towards the medical and healthcare professionals.

4 – Include these hashtags: #weloveourmedicalworkers #apleaforppe

5 – Tag @apleaforppe in your photo

6 – Include the short URL link to the BackaBuddy donation platform

7 – Post it to your social media accounts

Visit and today to see how you can donate to them.


Healthy meals being delivered to each child’s home.

The Cradle of Hope

The Cradle of Hope is taking care of 1000+ people per day during the COVID19 #lockdown period in Krugersdorp and surrounding areas.

This organisation focuses on assisting women and children in desperate need. When they closed their CRADLE – TJOKKERTJIES FOR JESUS community pre-school, following COVID19 regulations, they realised that the vast majority of the kids would have to go without the 3 meals and snacks they provide them with at school.

For many of them, that was the only food they would get in a day. Melody and her amazing team simply could NOT let that happen. So they registered as an essential service, and the Tjokkers Food Delivery system was put in place. Every day a cooked, nutritious warm lunch, fruit, salad or yoghurt, and juice – along with instant porridge for the next morning, is delivered to all 60 Tjokkers kids, at their homes – it is prepared and delivered under the most stringent safety precautions, by an amazing team of staff and volunteers. And they will continue to do so, FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES. But again, they cannot do this without your help.

Each Day they offer HELP AND HOPE regardless of race or religion, offering a HAND UP and not just a HANDOUT.

Check them out @ or



Feed SA has three main goals: to feed, educate and help develop underprivileged communities. The organisation has created a COVID-19 Action Plan to help those who will be hit hardest as a result of the virus. R480 can sustain a family of four for 14 days, according to Feed SA.



Angels’ Care Centre provides services for children from informal settlements in the uMngeni municipal area in KZN which include preschool education, aftercare facilities, a feeding scheme, healthcare programmes and a crisis centre for children who are victims of gender-based violence. Due to COVID19, the preschool has had to close but the centre will drop off food packs (including sanitisers) to 100 children under five and will continue their feeding scheme at the centre while adhering to the under 100 person regulation. Most importantly they will also keep the Rape and Abuse Crisis Centre open for anyone in need.

Check out their website on and please donate where you can.


The SPCA is responsible for protecting and caring for abandoned animals, preventing cruelty to animals and spreading awareness of animal care. In many rural communities where people do not have access to animal clinics, there is a problem of over-population of pets, stray animals, abuse and disease.

SPCA rescues thousands of animals every year from harmful situations, attends hundreds of animal emergencies, and investigates thousands of complaints about animal cruelty.

The most needed items are typical:

  • Dog and cat food. Unopened bags and cans for all sizes and ages.
  • Dog crates/cat carriers. To hold and transport dogs and cats; all sizes needed.
  • Dog beds and pillows. New or gently used beds are a great comfort to dogs.
  • Cat litter
  • Dog toys
  • Blankets

You can donate at either or

Now more than ever we need to open our hearts and help the people around us, it’s up to us to make a difference. Do your share DONATE today

“People are more willing to give when they see generosity as part of who they are”

―Dr. Summer Allen


Chantel van den Berg
Chantel van den Berg

Deputy Success Editor

Chantel Van Den Berg is an enthusiastic entrepreneur from the Vaal Triangle. Her main focus is corporate compliance and labour relations. Working as a consultant, auditor and trainer she strives to not only educate employees but to uplift and upskill all areas of their lives. Chantel has been climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years. She firmly believes that with hard work and dedication you can reach any dream no matter what life throws at you and part of becoming successful in life is learning how to roll with the punches. She has 2 beautiful children and has mastered the art of being a successful businesswoman while being a mom and wife.

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