The New Instax mini LiPlay

New era. New Instax. Live life and LiPlay!.

Fujifilm launches the most compact, portable, and revolutionary Fujifilm INSTAX Mini LiPlay Hybrid Instant Camera.

By adding hybrid capabilities to the Mini-Series, this elegant FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini LiPlay is a sleek camera offering a true mixture of digital and film.

The BLOSS team is in total awe about this new Hybrid Instant Camera with remote shooting, smartphone printing, and voice recording with a lightweight and stylish design.

This is a generous camera. Designed by a generous company. For a generous generation. Because we know an instax photo isn’t something you take, it’s something you give. Instax – Brand Philosophy

New Instax mini LiPlay

Instax Mini LiPlay is a camera and printer wrapped into one!

The LiPlay allows you to preview the image before printing and save the image on the camera with a micro SD card. You can edit the photos using fun filters and frames!

You can also print photos from your smartphone with this camera and control the camera using your smartphone for remote shooting. The Mini LiPlay is the smallest model in the Instax series and is perfect for the on-the-go.

Instax mini LiPlay

When an instax camera is added to any situation, something magical happens. People are drawn together. To click and create. See what develops. Pass and share. Instax – Brand Philosophy


Stylish Design│ The beautiful design of the Instax Mini LiPlay will make you look good anytime, anywhere!

Sound │ Convert recorded sounds into a QR code and add it to your photo. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to replay the sound and relive the moment.

Select & Print │ Use the display screen to get your best shot and select the images to print. It’s that easy!

Camera & Smartphone Printer │ Easily print photos from your smartphone by connecting the App and you’re all set!

mini LiPlay from Instax

Compact Camera Design │ Small size fits just about anywhere and perfect for on-the-go.

Remote Shooting │ Use your smartphone as a remote control. Taking group photos is made easy.

Speedy Print │ It only takes about 12 seconds to send and print your images. Plus, around 100 photos can be printed on a single charge.

Frames & Filters │ A wide variety to add to your photos. Get creative and add fun frames and filters to your photos!

Instax mini LiPlay camera

Live life & Play
Live your life, have fun, and play.

We take photos. Capture images. Grab shots. But we are not just about taking. We are also about giving. And creating generous moments. Instax – Brand Philosophy

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