The Magic Of Misty Waters Music Festival

South Africa is hungry for some proper live entertainment. Considering the fact that the live music scene has been a victim of COVID-19, a much-needed festival made my and hundreds of others’ year. The magic of the Misty Waters Music Festival felt like an early Christmas. The first music festival to take place in South Africa since the pandemic.

The Magic Of Misty Waters Music Festival

Misty Waters is a 3-day open-air music festival nestled in an oasis of willows, lakes, lush lawns, and orange sunsets. Intimacy in the open is what they’re all about. Misty Waters brings you the best of rock, blues and folk music.

Off we went

As we headed to Secunda to join up with fellow festivalians, the excitement was bursting out of us. We had our Vito-van stacked to the top, a dop for the road and enough snacks to last us a month.

We arrived 

Upon arrival, were welcomed by friendly faces and a very well organized setup. We even had 2 swimming pools inviting us in for when the sun started feeling like it was your next-door neighbour.

The Magic Of Misty Waters Music Festival
Photo credit: Photography by Schutte

We set up camp, grabbed our party shoes and kicked off the weekend. There were bands from the Thursday evening right through into the early hours of Sunday morning. From rock to blues to some proper folk music, there was something to see for everyone. The lineup included some known names like The Black Cat Bones, Springbok Nude Girls, L.A. Cobra, Albert Frost and many more.

Right next door was Lake Umuzi Waterfront. This meant delicious food, a waterpark for the energetic and hotels for the anti-campers.

If you are anything like me, you like to plan. So, I thought I’d share some tips with you so that you too, can have as much fun as we did.

The Magic Of Misty Waters Music Festival
Photo credit: Photography by Schutte

What to expect

  • Great ablution facilities with hot showers (portable toilets all over as well)
  • A cleaning team that cleans everywhere you go
  • Refreshing pools
  • Yummy food stalls
  • Affordable alcohol
  • Delicious coffee
  • Organized staff
  • Paramedics on standby
  • A cozy boma to chill next to
  • To suffer from festival blues on Monday

What to pack (less is more)

  • Your tent, mattress and bedding
  • A blankie or camping chair to sit on
  • Minimal clothing
  • Comfortable shoes (flops and walk shoes)
  • Swimwear and sunscreen
  • Cooler box with your preferred drinks for at the camp stand
  • Snacks
  • Caravan Park adapter (“caravan plug” for electricity – YES, there’s power)
  • Your normal toiletries and basic essentials

Because this is such a well-organized festival, there is really no need to bring much along, leave the food at home too. In fact, with plenty of restaurants and Secunda Mall within walking distance, you’ll be sorted.

To the Misty Waters team, a job well done! The name will be on my lips for months to come and, I cannot wait to do it again.

The Magic Of Misty Waters Music Festival
Photo credit: Photography by Schutte

Be sure to keep an eye out for 2022 dates, you don’t want to miss the magic of the Misty Waters Music Festival!

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Christelle du Plessis is an aspiring motivational speaker, certified life coach and the fiance of a real rockstar. Her passion is working with women while creating a space for them where they feel safe to express themselves and where they will become equipped to change the circumstances they are in. Christelle is a social butterfly, she is loud, busy and bubbly and she would like to think of herself as a very strong-minded and determined young woman. Instead of changing the world, she wants to teach people to do it themselves.

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