The Iconic Red Dress

“Lady in Red is dancing with me” rings the words of Chris De Burgh’s iconic song. Red is the colour of fire, it associates with energy, war, strength, and power. It also symbolizes passion, desire, and love. When you want to be noticed, you wear red. – The Iconic Red Dress

It is our go-to colour for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. However, today red is also associated with heart health. Every year people support National Wear Red Day in February to show their support for the awareness of heart disease.

The Iconic Red Dress

In support, we look at some of the icon red dresses in film.

Betty Boop

We will never forget the ever-memorable Betty Boop with her baby-like voice and little red dress. Capturing the hearts of many already from her first appearance in 1932.

The Iconic Red Dress

Jessica Rabbit

The curvaceous cartoon character turned heads, both human and animated in her revealing red number from the 1988 classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Scarlett O’Hara

The southern belle famously dons a beautiful provocative red gown in the unforgettable movie Gone with the Wind.


In the more recent Black Panther, Danai Gurira wore a futuristic dress she could kick butt in. Inspired by traditional African textiles.

The Iconic Red Dress

Vivian Ward

But who can forget the red dress worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? It has an undeniable touch of timelessness. What is certain is that a dress so famous as this could not have been any other colour than red. – The Iconic Red Dress

So, whether you going to a gala event, just need a pick me up and stand-out dress, or find yourself in New Orleans in August for the Red Dress Run which sees a sea of thousands of red dress-clad runners gather in cities around the world to run, party, and raise money for charities (can we say, Bucket List). Make sure you always have your red dress handy.

The Iconic Red Dress

“Two things in the world are not meant to be hidden – love and your red dress.”

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Kim Grobbelaar

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Kim Grobbelaar is a qualified sound engineer who always finds herself around audio and technology. She works as a Product Manager at First Distribution. Kim gets excited about all things tech and is crazy about useful and sometimes not-so-useful "gadgets". She has a strong passion for empowering women for change in our country and runs her own online store. Kim is not a person that can sit still for long, in her spare time she is busy studying financial accounting.

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