The Future Is FIT

This week we take a look at the wonderful innovations that are happening in the exercise gadget spectrum. What better way to get fit and get that butt into gear than with high tech magic!

Here are our top picks to watch out for.

PowerDot 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

We first saw this nifty gadget while watching the Crossfit Games athletes’ recovery routine after each game day. This device works with a smartphone app that lets you choose from a variety of muscle stimulation programs to help you recover after a gruelling workout session. Unfortunately, it’s not available in South Africa as of yet, but it’s too cool of a gadget not to mention on this list.

iHealth Core Smart Scale

At last, you can get an in-depth body composition to weigh in at home. This medical-grade certified scale is capable of tracking multiple facets of your body to give you a comprehensive insight on body composition. Logging all of this information on a smartphone app, it tracks BMI, Lean body mass, daily calorie intake, and even bone mass. Stay in the loop and track your progress with this amazing gadget.

From R 1 300, Available online and at selected Sportsmans Warehouse shops.

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

How about a super high tech way to keep track of your hydration goals. One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle is hydration. This high tech bottle reminds you when you need to drink water and keeps track of how much you consume throughout the day. It works with a built-in rechargeable battery and connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth to check on your daily progress. Unfortunately, it’s not yet readily available, but we hope to see them on the shelves soon! Fit

NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender

Yes, smoothies and juice diets are still a thing! NutriBullet got all Jetsons on us with the new Balance Smart Blender, with its own smartphone app that tells you the nutritional value of the juice or smoothie you make, including the calories, fat, protein, and sugar content. There are also loads of smoothie recipes on the new app from top nutritionists and dietitians.

R 4 999, from selected Woolworth Stores and at

Tangram Smart Rope

We all want those calves and legs to die for. Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises for burning fat while sculpting those beautiful legs. Now let’s get high techy and let the Tangram Smart Rope help you step it up a notch, or should we say jump it up… This cool looking fit tech actually displays the information in mid-air while you are jumping using the LED lights in the rope itself. It can also store a wide range of fitness data that will help you shed those extra doughnuts you had over the weekend.

R 1 400, from

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog. Remember that regular exercise helps relieve pent up frustration and stress and is beneficial for a balanced life.

Let us know in the comments: what is your pre-workout routine to help you stay motivated?

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Anriette van Wyk
Anriette van Wyk

Tech Editor

Anriette is an alumni of The Open Window Institute where she studied Visual Communication. Currently she is the Boss Lady at Kief Kreativ with more than 10 years experience in the creative industry where she works as a professional photographer on big productions and concerts with both local and international artists. She has a wide portfolio, ranging from weddings, fashion, studio and editorial photography under her belt. Anriette is a photographer, designer, illustrator, model, car fanatic, dinosaur lover and Indiana Jones wannabe.

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