The Four Letter Word We All Love: FOOD

Most four letter (swear) words are frowned upon, but there is one that is accepted and even welcomed in most countries, cultures, and societies: FOOD.

However, FOOD is no longer just something that you put in your mouth to satisfy your stomach.

It has become a crucial part of your whole existence, including the following:

  • FOOD to eat and feed your body in order for you to survive
  • FOOD for thought to shape your perceptions on life and living
  • FOOD for decorations and displays
  • FOOD to ponder on
  • FOOD to make the world go round

We all know that food gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop. We need it to be healthy and active, to work, play, think and learn. So, whatever your experience or perception of FOOD may be, join me for exciting news on, and around food in this blog.

During the previous century, the staple food in most households were rice, potatoes and meat. Today we try not to combine potatoes and rice, but rather to serve the meat with salads or veggies.

Sushi was something nobody had ever heard of and the Oriental way of eating and dishes were foreign cuisine only experienced in exclusive restaurants.

Today we live in a global village where any exotic dish or drink is but a mere touch of a button away. Most of the ingredients (or substitutes) are readily available and cuisine-a-la-home is often just as exquisite as the cuisine in specialty restaurants.

Long gone are the days that eating was a habit and not an experience. Now we eat with our eyes and all our other senses.  

Who would have thought that the pasta used for the evergreen mac and cheese and spaghetti bolognaise, that used to be a specialty dish, would be ingredients that became pieces of art? And, that candy floss combined with espresso and nuts could become a decadent dessert? (Called Affogato al Caffè – made from washed Arabica beans).

Hop on and be part of the exploration into FOOD:





Some FOOD for thought:

Always have a unique character like salt: its presence is not felt, but its absence makes everything tasteless.

Let your taste buds do the traveling … until we meet again.

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Denise Lloyd
Denise Lloyd


Energy in abundance and a positive streak par excellence. Denise Lloyd thrives on challenges. She loves good food, wine, coffee and chocolates. Decades of journalistic ink pumps through the veins of this media specialist. Two years ago she entered the exciting world of South Africa’s richest industry, the motor trade. As a marketer and sales executive with vast experience in tourism, public relations, hospitality, market research and management, each day is a new experience for Denise – but the ultimate still remains the opportunity to travel and explore and to write stories about people, what they eat and where they live.

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