The Curly Haired Girl’s Go-To Guide

In this week’s blog, we would like to address an issue most girls dread when there are beach holidays on the horizon. Curly hair

The dreaded “F” word… FRIZZ.

So, just to highlight a certain aspect before moving along, most girls have a degree of natural texture. Some are rocking the Whitney Houston vibe and others a Kate Moss texture, and the rest of you… Straight is an understatement. Nevertheless, knowing how to work with it and accentuate what you have is the key point to focus on. Curly hair

2 focus points this week:



Walking out of any salon, with the aid of your trusty, talented stylist; we can all look like a Greek goddess with bouncy curls ready for the beaches of Mykonos. However, when working with it at home we feel like sticking our fingers into a socket might be the easier way out. Let’s look at some tips & tricks to give you the effortless 5-minute look that won’t take away from your tan & Tequila Fizz time.

Product overload

Redken’s Curvaceous Ringlet

A compact product perfect for your beach bag, and ladies, it’s packed with everything you need for that perfect curl definition. It contains a really cool active ingredient called Curl Memory complex. This technology basically encapsulates the hair fibre, locks in moisture, and smooths and strengthens the hair strand. What more would you like out of one product? Best way to use Ringlet – apply a small amount into your hands, work generously throughout your damp hair and use your hands to scrunch the product into your hair.

Redken Frizz Dismiss Anti-Static Oil mist

This is a stunner of a product! It is designed and formulated to suit all hair types. My absolute favourite part; it is sprayed onto dry hair to tame and deflate the hair that tend to get out of hand during the day. Another factor to highlight: it contains ethically sourced Babassu oil which aids in smoothing, controlling unwanted frizz and gives an insane amount of beautiful shine to the hair. Having worked with it, one of the factors we are crazy about is the luxurious silky feel it leaves on the hair.

Check out the Youtube video on how to style using the Redken Frizz dismiss range. They also have a bunch of styling hack videos for the curly-haired girl on their Youtube channel. It definitely is worth taking the time to check out. curly hair

Styling tips & hack

For the oh so curly kinda girl

Start learning to work with your hands to scrunch your product into your hair. Use your fingers and work them in between your curls to help give extra definition and ensure even product distribution. Don’t forget about your products as well as moisturizing your hair, natural curls tend to dehydrate (in this case just water won’t do, moisturizing masks will be your secret weapon).

For the wavy days

Here you would need a little bit of assistance in anchoring that natural movement. Products such as Redken’s No Blow Dry cream will aid in anchoring your natural movement when you want to air dry. Another option is to use a product like Redken Curvaceous and using a diffuser. Dry the hair to about 70% dry with the diffuser, and let nature take its course.

So straight it falls flat

Ladies, your secret weapon is braids. While your hair is still wet, braid/plait from the scalp to ends. When dry, shake them loose, mist with Redken’s Frizz Dismiss anti-static oil mist and you are ready for the day.

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Bianca & Mel
Bianca & Mel

Hair Editors

Bianca Thomson and Melandri du Plooy own Hairvolution, a Redken Loft Salon in Brooklyn, Pretoria. They bought over the salon in 2017 and cover all aspects of Hair, Nails and sugaring. They absolutely love everything about the industry and what it stands for and hope to be able to use our passion and love for the industry to educate all readers on every aspect relating to it.

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