The beginning of a new era… with one kiss.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m so exited about this wedding. Every bone in my body wants to start dancing, jumping with joy and shout “#yes the #newgeneration has arrived”. This wedding is the start of new things, a renewal of the way people think and even of the world. I hope this wedding will make people, nations and nationalities stand up and take hands. We can accomplish so much more if we stand together, think differently and exchange the old for the new. It’s time.

How beautiful did Megan look?! Natural and elegant mixed into one. Down to earth, but stylish. Her smile and the way she looked at Harry made it the wedding of the year. The two of them were easy-going, stealing moments with each other and just enjoying their special day! Her mother; sincere and proud. But there were two moments where I had goosebumps and felt proud to be South-African and part of the next generation.

Firstly, when the Gospel choir start singing “Stand by me” in a traditional English church. Secondly, when Harry and Megan stepped outside the church as husband and wife, people start singing; welcoming them, honouring them… and they kissed. That kiss, at that moment with the singing and the goosebumps, made me realised: “it’s time”. It is time for positive change in the world, it also reminded me of who I am and the farm weddings we had when I was a child. Friends and farm workers singing in rhythm, without any musical instruments or guidance. Those were some of the most memorable weddings and nostalgic moments of my life. A farm-girl, loving the city life and living my passion. #blossmagazine #educate #empower #youngwomen. Like a lot of women, I went through struggles and pain in my life, made a lot of mistakes and had to overcome many challenges. But this is me and I am proud to stand up for who I am.

It only took two people and one wedding to change the way people look at the world and themselves. And believe me, these two people also went through rough patches in their lives, because struggles are part of everyone’s story. It makes you stronger. This remarkable woman struggled with her identity as a multi-racial child, there were times when she didn’t believe in herself, struggled to know what she wants out of life, get her first job, didn’t know what to wear, went through a divorce, cried where no one saw her and felt alone. And that’s OK. We are human. We are women. The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that tries to make you be like everyone else. But, she did it. And so can you!!! Don’t be afraid of being yourself. Stand up and shout… “Hello, world. This is me! And I’m here to stay”.

May this “Royal Wedding Day” also be the beginning of extraordinary things and thoughts in your life. May this day mark the beginning of the woman you were born to be. Queen of your own life. Take the crown and own it. xoxo

Magdie Raats
Magdie Raats

Founder & Owner

With a honors degree in Audio-Visual Communication and 10 years’ experience in the media industry, Magdie Raats started her own female glossy in 2013. Four years later, she re-invented the wheel with a never-been-done business structure in the media and integrates print with technology through innovative and exiting ways. BLOSS - is not only a magazine, but an international media platform. With a passion for young women, beauty and the media, she also owns her own make-up brand, STATUS COSMETICS and started BUILDINGWOMEN, a foundation to empower and uplift women in the building industry.

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