The 4 R’s to Follow to Reposition to Greatness

Taking ourselves lightly, especially once we’ve had our first share of crazy, is crucial. We tend to focus on things that are not working to our advantage or things that are not adding a good vibe or energy to our self-worth and dreams. We allow our unsupervised feelings of inadequacy to dictate and make deductions on who we are and what we’re capable of. It’s a battle that begins in our minds and has to be conquered there first.

Marianne Williamson states:

“We’re all meant to shine as children do, we were born to make manifest the glory of God that’s within us.”

High five to yet another echo towards the value and uniqueness of human existence, mine and yours included. How I wish this automatically made us immune to life’s curveballs and struggles, just so that we could easily believe and be believable. But, the thing is, we’re all on a journey called Purpose!

We’re armed with tools and gifts that allow us to satisfy the eternal craving for progression. We’ve got to reach the top and there’s no getting to that point without managing transitions as we ascend and this is exactly the beauty of life.

It’s in storms where eagles cease to fly as mere birds. They embrace the storm by rather utilizing its intensity to activate what already exists and the soar. Similarly, you have to recognize that obstacles are not mandated to end us, but they are a very strategic ground for us to unchain the invincible capacity we’re gifted with, to separate ourselves from the rest.

Here are the 4 R’s needed to reposition to greatness:

Retake Control

As a man thinks so is he! Despite what you are facing, decide who you are. Realize your worth, identify your superpowers and be relentless!

Realign Perspective

Decide that struggle is a way of life! Admit that you are stronger, always insist on maneuvering through alternative approaches to success without exiting a path of greatness.

Reinforce your Grip

While things are changing around you and hustling becoming harder, hold on to your initial dream. Refuse to let your gut down. It’s following your dream that’ll move you out of your comfort zone and into finding and fulfilling your “Why”.

Release your Light

Embrace your uniqueness and believe you are unstoppable! Break free and be loyal to yourself. Do your best and trust that it’s enough. Liberate yourself from all fear, shine like you were born to and be the impact you want to see.

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Portia Radebe
Portia Radebe

Real Life Editor

Portia Radebe is an inspirational Image Consultant and Life Coach, an entrepreneur qualified as an Event Planner and she has expertise in protocol etiquette. She is a creative, hardworking and passionate woman, with a conviction of excellence in her area of expertise. Portia is the former face of Nestle Pure Life, Torga Optical, Absa South Africa Johnson&Johnson, as well as a Mrs SA 2017 Top 10 Finalist. She pioneers various initiatives of her own including charity work, assisting youth with building self-esteem and girls self-pride. She’s a wife, Pastor and a mother of four girls.

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  1. Wow! This is profound indeed. An eye opener particularly when one has been blinded and misplaced by issues of life.
    Just like a car that will need alignment every now and then, these 4 R’s are aligning my perspective towards number of issues in my life.

    Nice one Portia, keep up the good work of inspiring the nation.

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