The 2019 VMAs: Who Wore What?

How many W’s can you cram into a title? HAHAHA, totally laughing at myself. But, let’s get to it. The VMAs never seem to disappoint and we just love to see who comes out on top, but what we love even more is the crazy red carpet moments. Today we are looking at some of the best and down right outrageous red carpet moments for the VMAs.

The HIT AND MISS LIST of all the stars!

Taylor Swift just never seems to disappoint. Her performance was out of this world and she opened the 2019 VMAs, with a very colourful performance of her hit songs You Need to Calm Down and Lover.  She looked liked the best version of Wonder Woman in her performance in her shiny gold corset with glitter high waisted hot pants and matching ankle boots.



Taylor Swift

Taylor also graced the red carpet with a little number that we all wished we had in our closet. Yes, you guessed it, VERSACE, again, topping the look off with LOUBOUTIN black thigh-high boots.



Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X looked like a fresh new Prince with all the right feels. The custom made CHRISTIAN COWAN suit was inspired by the late artist, Prince and according to a rep, this suit was the first menswear piece he created.



Shawn Mendes

Even though Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello didn’t arrive on the red carpet together, which was what we were totally hoping for, the duo did look amazing with Shawn wearing a sleek emerald-green suit by DOLCE & GABBANA and boots by SAINT LAURENT



Camila Cabello

and Camila, on the other hand, wore a perfect-wedding-white (can you hear the bells?) gown by BALMAIN.

The duo later slipped into something a little bit more comfortable when they performed their single Senorita.  Another white dress for Camila and Shawn possibly just changing his trouser pants and removing his jacket… YES PLEASE?!




Another artist that did really well at the VMAs for her song Con Altura ft J Balvin and EI Guinchowas was ROSALÌA. But, for some reason, we feel a little bit disappointed by what she wore on the red carpet at VMAs. Her spontaneous personality just didn’t shine through with this all-black BURBERRY dress with tassels. Not that we don’t love BURBERRY, btw!




Oh Lizzo, what would this world be without you? She looked like a hot stop sign with her custom outfit by MOSCHINO FROM JEREMY SCOTT, and the dress read “SIREN” all over with a sassy matching feather boa draped on her lower shoulders.  If you don’t like Lizzo’s outfit, “you can walk your fine ass out the door”.  Pun intended.




I think we all might still be a little shocked by Normani’s outfit for the VMAs by NICOLAS JEBRAN. Shocked in a good way that is. Girl, you know you rocked that dress!

She also stepped up her game when she stepped onto stage in this 24 hour design by BRYAN HEARNS when she sang Motivation.

Let us know what you think of the red carpet moments and head on over to our Instagram account to check out more red carpet moments with all the stars that attended.

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Jessica Pieters
Jessica Pieters


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