Textures Have “Feelings” Too

Different textures can be associated with different feelings. How does this affect interior design?

Textures Have "Feelings" Too

The Importance Of Textures

People often overlook the importance of texture in a living space.  Most people focus on colour.  While colour is an important element in the design, texture influences the tone and weight of a room. A green sofa is just a green sofa.  But adding a velvet texture to the same sofa gives it a feeling of sophistication and luxury.

Visual And Tactile

Texture counts because of how it feels, of course, but also how it looks.  It influences design styles.  If you are looking to create a Bohemian Space you would incorporate plants, macramé, different textured throws, pillows and rugs.

Textures Have "Feelings" Too

With an industrial style, you would make use of raw textures, such as exposed brick walls, wooden tabletops and chunky woven rugs.

Smooth and glossy textures scream modern interior.  Whereas rough and natural textures are more in line with a rustic scheme.

The Texture Of Feelings

Textures are connected to how we physically feel.  Because textures provoke feelings, we even use them to describe how we feel.  Have you ever felt a little prickly or had a rough day?  When you love someone, does it make you feel fuzzy inside?

Textures Have "Feelings" Too

Using textures that awaken a  physical feeling in you has a great impact on the space you’re creating.  Regardless of the design style.  A big fluffy blanket on your bed or couch creates a feeling of comfort and warmth.  While a rug woven from natural fibers can make you feel grounded and in touch with nature.

Textures Have "Feelings" Too

Textures have “feelings” too. Don’t neglect them.  Especially if you want to create a certain feeling and depth in your space.

Juanita Huisamen

Decor (Textile) Editor

Juanita Huisamen is a mother of three and a network marketer with a passion for all things textiles. She is a Textile Design and Technology Graduate and owner of "Hello Bubu", a company that focuses on unique handmade decor and textiles for children. Her love for Textile history and organic proses is what inspires her the most.


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