Tech’s Top Apps For All Our Girl Bosses

Being on your game can be difficult sometimes; we all need a bit of help sometimes! Check out these amazing apps to help you be the best Girl Boss you can be and sprinkle your magic everywhere!


Stay ever present and focused on those goals with the help of this cute app. Between social media notifications and messages, you spend a lot of screen time with your phone. This app helps you set limits to the amount of time you spend on your phone. When you want to focus on a task you just plant a tree in the app, which will then grow in the time limit you set aside but will die if you leave the app. You can build your forest of ‘focus’ trees representing all of the times you focused and were not distracted by your phone.


We all get so busy sometimes that we forget about important healthy habits. This app helps you keep track of your daily healthy habits like staying hydrated and doing some stretches. You can log your progress throughout the day to see how well you have done! It’s also fully customizable for your own unique goals and needs.


A lot of us loved to keep diaries as teens, Daylio is an app that is the adult version of that to keep track of your day and mood without writing down a single line! You pick your mood, add activities that you have been doing during the day and write notes. It also helps create statistics of your activities and moods and puts them in a calendar to help you understand your daily habits better.


Getting out of bed in the mornings can be hard! Alarmy helps give you that kick on the bum to get out of bed by setting an alarm with tasks that you need to complete to dismiss the alarm. No more oversleeping!

Eternal Sunshine

Get motivated and discover your zen with this app. It offers meditation exercises for you to clear your mind, some daily inspirations to get you going and inspirational podcasts to help you find the motivation to take on life to the fullest!

Adobe Lightroom

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to appreciate this app. This powerful tool helps you edit and optimize those cellphone photographs for the lover of photography into masterful images. It’s user-friendly and by far one of the best photography apps available.

Plant Nanny

Want a fun way to stay hydrated? Plant nanny helps you keep track of how much water you drink and each glass of water also waters the plants in your app and helps them thrive! You can collect and take care of the little plants, by taking care of yourself!

There are loads more apps out there and we will keep you in the loop. What is your favorite app at the moment that you can’t live without?

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Anriette van Wyk
Anriette van Wyk

Tech Editor

Anriette is an alumni of The Open Window Institute where she studied Visual Communication. Currently she is the Boss Lady at Kief Kreativ with more than 10 years experience in the creative industry where she works as a professional photographer on big productions and concerts with both local and international artists. She has a wide portfolio, ranging from weddings, fashion, studio and editorial photography under her belt. Anriette is a photographer, designer, illustrator, model, car fanatic, dinosaur lover and Indiana Jones wannabe.

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