Take Care Of Your Wigs And They’ll Take Care Of You!

Since a full lace wig looks great while being worn, it’s important to learn how to take proper care of it so that it will stay in great condition and last you longer. Thankfully, lace wigs are easy and less expensive to take care of.

Nowadays, you can rock and enjoy any type of hair especially if you’ve made a decision to invest in a good quality human hair lace wig. A wig will give you complete hair coverage and features like silky straight, deep or loose curls; short or long or afros that you’ll definitely enjoy and love.

Here are some steps on how to take care of your lace wigs:

  1. Try not to use hair products such as hair sprays or hair moisturizers on your lace wig. A good human hair lace wig only needs a small amount of serum at least once a week. This is to avoid the oil build up on your lace wig as this may alter the lightness of the hair.
  2. You can gently wash your lace wig whenever necessary. This should not be often if you don’t use hair sprays and hair moisturisers on it. Gently wash it with lukewarm water and wig shampoo.
  3. Always store your wig on a head mannequin to keep it in a ready-to-put-on shape before you go. Gently comb it out. You always need to be extra careful when combing your lace wig. Even though the hair is pretty secure in the lace base, it’s still important to be cautious.
  4. In order to prevent any hair loss on your lace wig, you should only brush the hair from the ends to the top, without getting too close to the lace base. After shampooing, rinse it with cool water then apply a good conditioner to the wig. This you do the same way as with the shampoo, using a small spray bottle. Add a tablespoon of conditioner to a spray bottle. In the same way you worked through your wig with the shampoo, you’ll need to do this with the conditioner.
  5. Once you’re done with washing your wig with both shampoo and conditioner, gently rinse it out again for a third time under cool water. Use a towel and gently dry the hair, and afterward, you’ll want to let it dry naturally after you’ve gotten most of the water out. Don’t rub the hair strands against one another – pat the hair dry to prevent any hair breakage from happening.
  6. Use a spray bottle with lukewarm water to wash it. Since your wig isn’t attached to your head, you’ll need to wash it while it is on the head mannequin. It’s recommended that you add a tablespoon of a wig shampoo or any gentle shampoo without any harsh ingredients to a small spray bottle and filling it with lukewarm water. Spray the wig with the shampoo mixture. Then use a wide-tooth comb to work through your wig.
  7. Keep it away from extreme heat. Like all hair, exposing any hair to extreme heat will damage it. So ensure that your wig on a head mannequin is kept away from any heat. Also, when you are wearing your wig don’t expose it to heat for an extended period of time as this will cause damage that will be very difficult to repair.

If you take care of your lace wig properly, it will definitely take care of you too!

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Lerato Moyo

Hair Editor

Lerato Moyo is a wife and mom of four with a financial and marketing qualification and corporate background. She is also an Image Consultant and the Founder of Ithate Image Consulting. Lerato was a Mrs South Africa Finalist in 2017, and is currently a Follicle Inc. Brand Ambassador. Her passion is coaching women through the journey of loving themselves, uncovering and maintaining their new confidence and empowered version.

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