Surviving the Rona

Ladies… Stop what you are doing and take in the following three steps before you read this blog.

The first step: pour yourself a large glass of wine (even drink it out of the bottle, no one is there to judge you anyway).

Second step: read this blog carefully and accept that Box dye and Kitchen scissors are not your friends.

Third step: repeat step 1 and 2 (this is the most important step and you are welcome to repeat these steps as much as you like or until your wine runs out).

Here are a couple of tips for surviving the Rona: (Rona is a slang word for Corona Virus)

Running low on Shampoo? Ladies this is the best time to wash your hair less and let those natural oils do their work.

If you are an everyday washer, try stretching your washes to every 3rd day. Those of you who wash once a week… Keep it up (high five, you are winning).

Those of us who wash every day might just come to beg you to share some of your shampoos.

Haircare from your Kitchen: Our biggest kitchen cupboards hair care experiment for those self-care days would be the Vinegar Rinse and BTW the shine is insane. This is an incredible cleanser and treatment all in one.


The mixture is super easy: Mix equal parts vinegar to water (if you have apple cider vinegar that would be great but normal vinegar works just as well).

The vinegar rinse can be done in two ways:

Shampoo your hair as normal and then apply your vinegar or skip the shampoo completely and apply to wet hair then rinse well.

If you can get over the smell which disappears once your hair is dry you will be addicted to this tip for weeks to come.

Urge to cut: Hide all your scissors and razors! This is honestly the biggest no go if you have zero experience in cutting.

Hairstylists spend years and thousands of Rand’s perfecting a haircut technique so there is no way a YouTube video will make you a Haircutting guru in 12 minutes. 

Box dye: Those of you who only do salon colour, just wait. It’s so worth the wait.

If you apply box dye over your hair now not only is it going to cost you more to fix it but going to take you longer to reach your desired colour again.

This also counts for Gentian violet, keep it in your medicine box where it belongs.

Ladies this shutdown is nearly over then everything in terms of your Beauty routine will go back to normal.

Just be patient and don’t do anything that you will regret.

If you need emotional support because you already cut your hair with the kitchen scissors, give us a call we would love to support you with our laughter and booking to fix it once the shutdown is over.

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Bianca & Mel
Bianca & Mel

Hair Editors

Bianca Thomson and Melandri du Plooy own Hairvolution, a Redken Loft Salon in Brooklyn, Pretoria. They bought over the salon in 2017 and cover all aspects of Hair, Nails and sugaring. They absolutely love everything about the industry and what it stands for and hope to be able to use our passion and love for the industry to educate all readers on every aspect relating to it.

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